Another iMac G5 Price Drop?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Voidness, Feb 28, 2006.

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    I just noticed this on the US Apple store:


    Before the store update, it showed a price of 1499$, now after the update it shows 1299$. But when you click on it, it still shows the old price.

    Could it be? It would be a real bargain...

    EDIT: They changed the price to $1499, to it seemed to be a typo (or they were planning to do a price drop, but they changed their mind)
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    Yeah, I noticed that as well, don't know what's up. There's a good deal at Amazon for the 20": $1350 new after rebate with free shipping and no tax, about $25 less if you have the A9 discount.
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    Could be a typo. UK Site says iMac 17" starts at £1049. Ha!
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    it would be sweet if it was real:D
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    it's true,but that is for the advertised 17-incher which they don't have anymore. so really, it's still 1499
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    But I'm positive that before the store update the image on the fornt page showed $1499, and now it shows $1299. Why would they change it? But on the other hand, the other stores still show the old price (I just checked the Canada Store).
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    no, it always showed 1299, never reflecting the fact that the 17-inch imacs sold out
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    Then why do the other Apple stores reflect the fact that the 17" iMacs are sold out? I'm pretty sure it showed $1499, i just saw it today before the update.
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    When they stopped selling the 17", the page did show "from $1499". I remember it clearly, I'm guessing it's just a typo.

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