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Another iPod nano 4G case released

Discussion in 'iPod' started by 11800506, Sep 1, 2008.

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    I still have no idea why they went back to the old form-factor. Meh. Curved screen = odd.
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    Wow, that's pretty strange.
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    I miss when Apple was extremely secretive and we'd have ZERO idea what was coming next. It seems like these leaks and foul ups are happening a lot more now.
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    Chris Rogers

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    I hope this "new iPod" will look better in person than what these cases make it out to be.
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    Is there any possibility that this case was made out of rumors?

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    Worst looking iPod nano ever. I like the fat one better.
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    interesting how these could be shipped, released, and sold before an official new product launch. i do agree, the ipod design and click wheel seem outdated in my mind. hopefully they scrap the whole design soon and go all touch (same with mice). no more clicking. apple should sell the old ipod design with the click wheel to microsoft.
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    Throws up ..... the 4G Is VILE bad move apple ... its vile..
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    I hope that this is just some guy's speculation on the new iPod that got blown way out of proportion. I hope that this is nothing like what the shape of the new iPod will be, because it is way too ugly and reminds me way too much of the Zune. I can't believe that Apple would let this much information loose regarding their products. I too miss the days when everything was completely secretive about future releases.:(
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    Funny that most people said the same thing about the Fat Nano until they REALLY saw it...:rolleyes:
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    OMG - HOW could those employees be so dumb!? lol

    I took a look at those 10 photos on engadget in spain and they noticed that there was an edition with a red click wheel - perhaps indicating a relaunch of a U2 iPod... that I'd like to see! [article picture(s)]
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    Bite your tongue... nothing's official till Jobs pulls it out from his bag of goodies.

    Not too sure about the curved screen (I have strong doubts Jonathan Ive would be that incompetent) but imho it's great that the 4th generation nano has the same form factor as the 1st and 2nd.

    Currently using a 2nd gen nano. Played with the 3rd phatty... it's okay but I prefer the vertically lengthened design. It just feels better in the hand..
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    Is it my imagination, or does that case look a lot like those anti-static bags you get RAM DIMMs in?
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    Someone's getting fired.
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    Don't you mean his left pocket?
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    Looks like we'll be seeing new ipods soon then. If it is a fake, its quite an elaborate length to go to just to fool some people.
    It doesn't look too bad, i imagine the actual ipod will look better in person.
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    Here we go agaaaaaaaain...
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    You've seen the 4G or are you simply commenting on the case?
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    Exactly. Before the current Nano, the Mini looked just like this (but with a smaller screen). When the fatter ratio was rumored, everyone said it looked horrible.

    People are fickle.
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    The picture is not from a retail store - it is from the IFA. ("International Broadcast exhibition")

    But it doesn't change too much - i guess el Jobso will announce the September 9th event tomorrow.
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    I think it'll be made of hopes and dreams.

    (but I was thinking the same thing as you)

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