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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by FadeToBlack, Jun 7, 2007.

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    Just got a PS3 yesterday (and it's awesome!) and I was wondering if it's getting sufficient room to breathe where I have it. My entertainment center is pretty enclosed and I figured y'all PS3 owners could help me out. Here's a pic of my PS3 setup. (no HDTV yet. Using a $130 Symphonic 27") Just wondering if you guys think it'll get too hot in there or not? Thanks in advance. Here's the pic:

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    Is the back of the unit open ? If so it looks grand.
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    You mean the back of the entertainment center? No, it's closed off, with the little holes for the wires to go through.

    I just played Oblivion for about 2 1/2 hours or so straight and it didn't seem like it got too hot, though it was definitely warm.
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    General rule of thumb for equipment is 2 inches clearance all around. But, if you have it in an enclosed space (where you don't have a straight path for airflow thru), I would get some sort of small fan to push the air thru...

    Looks like you have it enclosed on 3 sides - so get a small fan...
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    Any recommendations on what kind of fan to buy and where to put it? I guess I could just take the back part out of my entertainment center, so that the air could just flow out the back. The only thing I'd have to worry about then would be dust. I dust it every day, but it still accumulates pretty quick even the way it is now.
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    Semi-off topic rant, and not against any console in particular, but isn't it sad that we have to stop and think about that sort of thing? Up until this generation of consoles, I would have never given a second thought to where I positioned my consoles, and whether they'd get adequate ventilation in those areas...
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    Your ps3 is fine where it is. Mine never gets hot and is pretty enclosed. Even when folding for long periods of time it doesn't get nearly as hot as my 360 just from being on.
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    This is the answer I was hoping to get. I don't feel like buying a new entertainment center. :p

    I think I may purchase GameStop's extended warranty, just in case.

    I've had Xbox 360's before and man, I think they just made me paranoid. In fact, I traded an Elite in on this PS3.

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