Another Wii thing we already knew becomes official

Discussion in 'Games' started by Dagless, Jun 7, 2006.

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    So you CAN use your DS as a screen for some Wii games.

    Which is better than the Cube already. I had a GBA/GC link cable. Nobody else did :D , but now everyone has a DS they need no such cables. Can already imagine a lot of developers using this. Everyone and their puppy has a DS so they could rest knowing their Wii/DS controller games are hitting a wide audience.

    On a sidenote; Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will have online, for play and trade (YA WOOOO) and use voice communication like Metroid. but in game!
    They look top. Much better than Colosseum. they finally look like Pokemon probably should.

    So they will stock mini games (has already been officially announced before) BUT will have super-fast Nintendo style loading.

    This news was brought to you with 120fps 4D prowess.
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    The wii just keeps sound ing sweeter and sweeter. I haven't bought a gaming system since my N64 but the Wii is getting my attention.
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    Thing is, as a few-time player of Crystal Chronicles and 4 Swords with 3 other people on GBA's I can attest to it's greatness. the way you can hide a screen to keep your strategy's secret and the extra thing to look at is always good. Plus the extra speakers for the "depth of sound" experience again.

    Only problem was the cable mess and organising it all. With the Wii it's just "turn up with your DS".

    It's very OT; but I'd love a Snooker Wii game. :eek:
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    Even the name has grown on me! This console sounds really damned interesting, I can't wait for the actual release. It's like a gadget lovers dream really, where as the PS3 and XBOX360 are...powerful. Way to go Nintendo!
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    i might get a 360 ONLY for the graphics (if Wii graphics are sub-par... i am a graphics whore.) but yeah, nintendo is going to kick everyones booty in this round.
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    I dunno, you've never sounded like a graphics whore before

    Totally OT AGAIN. Sky are talking HD again. The set top box is £300 plus an extra £10 ontop of your Sky fee already. for just 9 channels where most of aren't even on all of the day! This is our only way of getting HD broadcasts in the UK and it isn't even out yet and it sucks!
    couple that with out lack of HDTV's in UK homes... we're all SD again.
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    Not yet I don't.... that's what Sunday is for WOOO WOOOOOOOOO
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    Actually, I hate to say it but the name has grown on me too. Perhaps I am using the term "Grown" a bit broadly. By that, I mean that I can use it in casual conversation without giggling like a child for ten minutes.

    I think what happened was, we focused on the name's absurdity for such a long period of time that we eventually just got bored with being shocked by it. I know this isn't across the board with everyone, but that's really how it went down with me. I just stopped caring.

    As for the new pokemon game. It actually looks pretty cool, but I think it's for the same reasons that GRAW looks cool: it has a really spiffy, intuitive interface. Remember when the first GRAW screenshots came out for 360? This seems to conjure up that same idea.
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    I kinda figured there'd be something on the VC besides old games. I guess it's nintendo's response to the Arcade games on the 360. I hope that they'll still be able to link to a DS. Imagine a Casino game with blackjack and texas hold-em. You can have the table display on the tv and your pocket cards on the ds top screen with the playing options (bet, fold, etc) on the touch screen. The setup would be perfect. Jimmi, get to work. :D
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    Despite being an early adopter of a lot of stuff, the price of the HD equipment had me not wanting to get it until its considerably lower in price. I paid out for Sky+, but £300 (plus a further £120 a year) in addition to buying a HDTV (alright, I already own one for my 360, but still...) is just dumb. And for all of 6 channels that I'd watch.
    The BBC is getting ready to go HD as there is already a BBC HD preview channel. This will also be transmitted over Freeview ultimately - but will be trialed in London from what I've read, so a big yay! for that...:D

    Um.... I suppose we could go back on topic now ;)
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    aye. Only when the BBC do HD will we take off properly. Hey! They better trail that in Manchester too, what with the BBC's huge move up north. I can just see Manchester from my sisters room :D

    Yes, on topic!

    I could sell my games online without a publisher thanks to the WiiConnect thing. My little team of coders, musicians and other creatives are about ready to get their mits on a new Wii dev kit.

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