Another Working Apple 1 Heads to Auction with $500,000 Estimate

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 21, 2013.

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    The Associated Press reports that yet another working Apple 1 from 1976 is headed to auction, with Christie's placing a $300,000 opening bid and $500,000 estimate on the machine. The machine is owned by Ted Perry, a retired school psychologist from Sacramento, California who acquired it in a swap over three decades ago.
    Perry has kept the machine, which is essentially a single circuit board paired with aftermarket components such as a monitor, keyboard, and tape storage, in a cardboard box, and only recently confirmed that it still functions.

    Apple 1 circuit board (Source: Wikimedia)
    Perry's Apple 1 is one of only a handful of the machines in existence still in operation, although several others have been auctioned over the past year or two. Just last month, one sold for the equivalent of a record $671,400 at auction in Germany.

    The online auction for Perry's Apple 1 begins on Monday, June 24 and runs through July 9. The machine will be on display at the Computer History Museum beginning on Monday.

    Article Link: Another Working Apple 1 Heads to Auction with $500,000 Estimate
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    Should get a nice payout for keeping it around in a cardboard box for nearly 35 years.
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    very cool
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    So its just the Apple 1 circuit board? I'm confused...
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    That is all Apple sold. It was up to the user to build a case and add the other parts.
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    Talk about fragmentation. ha ha ha.
  7. ajo
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    Should I buy now or wait?
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    I'd wait for the 1S :)
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    I see. Thanks.
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    How are those capacitors still alive when all the iMac G5 capacitors are blowing up?
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    Maybe these are all devices that've been produced during the making of the Jobs movie... You know, when Ashton was bored or something...
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    they cant blow up if you never turn them on lol
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    I wonder what my old Apple II Plus is worth? Lol
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    Quality really went downhill after the Apple 1 ;)
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    Some go for under 200 bucks on eBay ;)
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    Wish I'd bought one in 76... but I was only 5 at the time :lol:
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    Kinda wish I'd bought one back in the day. But then again, pretty much all my 80's computer kit (such as it was) have long since died :(
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    Digital Dude

    MacRumors got word that the new version ships with a cardboard box. 'This changes everything' :D
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    I still have my trusty old Commodore 64 as a decoration... Just the keyboard/computer part. I won't even start it, the (seemingly) 1 dpi pixels would hurt my eyes... and I don't want to ruin the fond memories I have.
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    Who would ever think that buying a computer is an investment. Hmm.. makes me think about all those computers I threw away. Just imagine though if you had an Apple 1 and just threw it out. :eek:
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    Cardboard? It's called invocation :)
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    Waiting for the 1.5 would get you a new flat design.
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    Back then a computer was something scary. Remember that even in early 90's there was not internet, a computer was something that you could barely use it to print your homework. There was not actual use for a computer at home even.

    Go back to early 80's. There was no market, no need, no training.

    People used to play in the street, look for information in the yellow pages, listen to the radio and such. Not having an enclosure for it... a miracle the thing was able to do something and another miracle someone had the knowledge to operate it.
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    is it really worth 500 grand? isn't it better to donate that money?

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