Anti-War events on Feb 15th.

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Taft, Feb 5, 2003.

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    I just wanted to alert everyone that there will be some significant anti-war events on Sat. February 15th. The major events will be happening in Chicago, San Fransisco and New York, however many other cities are likely having events that day, as well.

    I am not posting links, because most of the sites contain information I don't believe in. You can find information about the various events online. ( anti-war [your city] feb 15th).

    The Chicago event will be held at Noon on Feb 15th at the corner of Devon and Leavitt (Rogers Park on the North side). I have included a map below which shows the location as well as the nearest brown and red line stops. The location is also easily accessible from the Western and Clark buses.

    Those who are against a war in Iraq or are concerned about the Bush administrations handling of the Iraq situation are encourage to attend. The more moderate and rational people in attendance, the more the cause is taken seriously.


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    Be safe, respectful, and representative of your movement, and I commend you for your courage to voice your dissent. Even though I do not agree. Just don't have signs that say that it is a racist war, and crap like that.

    Powell made a very stong case today.
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    Thats why I want to go. There are too many nut jobs out there saying things that all but discredit the anti-war movement. If a few more "regular" people are in attendance (professionals, students, etc.) it might serve to give a more rational face to these kinds of events.

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    I agree 100%. Give the peace movement a more moderate bent to increase its credibility. Just don't be like these fellows who abused their right to dissent:
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    I got to see almost his entire presentation to the UN today. he was great. they have made a really strong case to the UN.

    i am really torn about this issue, because:

    I think that Iraq needs to be dealt with SEVERELY. they have had 12 years to obey the UN, who cares what "US interests" would be served in screwing them over? this is an issue as basic as the sovereignty of the UN over members. i hate that Iraq can defy it and totally get away with it.

    I am pissed that France, namely, and also germany to a lesser extent, are keeping out. Chirac wants to wait till they HAVE nuclear weapons... that just sounds so stupid on the most basic levels. it's quite clear they are trying. did you guys hear what powell said about those aluminum rods that some people think may be for conventional weapons? the ones the US uses for conventional weapons are made to a lower standard. that was so funny when he said that. everyone in class laughed.

    Ultimately though, i will hate bush all the more if he goes in without UN approval.

    I hate that the UN has gotten itself into this position. if they fold and listen to Bush, it will become clear that they are irrelevant. if they refuse to go to war, bush will anyway and they will be irrelevant yet.

    I liked what Jack straw said though: we have a moral obligation as an institution of international peace to stop iraq by whatever means the situation calls for, lest we end up like the League of Nations. anyone remember that?

    what are your thoughts, guys?
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    My thoughts are these. I think it's quite ironic that people's dislike of Bush makes them want to oppose actions he may take, even when they support the actions and see them as necessary. It's not unlike those who called Clinton's action against Iraq "Monica's War" and associated remarks.

    Powell did make a powerful case that Iraq is in material breach. The connection with terrorists was quite chilling as well as the video of what looked like the Iraqi "crop dusting" jet testing a delivery system for chemical and biological agents.

    I suppose these events do tend to attract irrational extremists.
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    LOL. that anthrax test plane WAS disturbing. that was out of this world. i was quite disturbed by that too.

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