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Anticipating how to get the most bang for my buck out of AppleTV 2g

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by dellavoce, Feb 17, 2011.

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    So, I'll be picking up an Apple TV (2g) in the next few days and I'm pretty sure I want to jailbreak, but I have a question or two:

    As far as videos on my computer goes, I always put those in iTunes, so I know I can access these with the :apple:tv right out of the box, and I believe I can get Netflix as well, but if I want to watch any shows from websites like Hulu or the various network sites, can I do this with a jailbroken :apple:tv? If so, what is needed?

    Also, I tried Roku for a few days (great little box, but I can't get at my video content on my computer) and I opened an Amazon VOD account. Can a jailbroken :apple:tv access this?

    Thanks for the info!
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    Don't know about Amazon VOD, but I just yesterday used greenpois0n to jailbreak my ATV2. Installed XBMC, then several addons that gave me Hulu, as well as several other sites.
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    Amazon won't work. Because they have drm embedded into their vod service, open source plug ins for things like xbmc are not possible because they are not willing to expose their drm model.
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    anyone here care to share any cool ad-ons ?

    I just JB'd my atv2 and am still experminting with everything..
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    I installed the bluecop repo (here) to get Hulu, CBS, TNT/TBS, and others.

    I also installed nixa's repo (here), which got me Nick and Nick Jr for my kids.

    I'm looking for other good ones, though.
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    How did you Upload these or install them? Im using the Greenposion Jailbreak with NitoTv installed.
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    Once NitoTv is installed, use it to install XBMC. Then you download these addons (they need to remain as .zip files so do a Download As). From there, you have to upload them to your apple tv. I used Transmit to make an SFTP connection to the Apple TV's IP address (find it in the ATV settings), username 'root' password 'alpine' (which is the default for ATV). The .zip files go in the /private/var/mobile/Media folder. Once there, launch XBMC on your ATV, go to settings, Addons Manager, and select the Install from zip file (it's in there somewhere...easy to find). Then you can Activate whichever channels and options you want.

    Hopefully that all makes sense.
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    I didn't see that. Thanks! I'll have to check some of them out.
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    FYI, I've discovered a nice effect of bluecop's hulu addon is that it skips the commercials.

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