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Any 1080p movies in UK ITunes??

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by erpetao, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I can't find any. Do you know when will they be available?
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    I've only rented them on ATV but nearly all the recent ones are 1080p.
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    I can't find any either.

    None of the recent ones I've checked are 1080p.


    Have you got any examples?
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    Have you set the preferences on ATV in the Store setting to 1080p? I just checked again and there are some 1080p in the new movies section, e.g. Moneyball and 50/50. However it does seem like less are 1080p now than last time I looked a week ago, which is weird.


    A few more: Contagion, The Hangover Part II, Horrible Bosses, Crazy Stupid Love, Johnny English Reborn, Friends With Benefits.
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    the problem is that there is still a separation between what is available via itunes (on pc/mac) and what is on iPad/AppleTV.

    for example, 50/50 is only available in SD on iTunes desktop, but apparently 1080p on AppleTV.
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    Could you tell me some movie titles?
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    See above ;)
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    Interesting, none of those movies are available in HD 1080p in iTunes in a Mac.
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    see above
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    Yes, I saw that the content is different between ATV and iTunes desktop.

    I don't think there is a single movie in 1080p in iTunes for Mac, is there?
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    I don't see any, which is weird. Loads of TV in 1080p, but only 720p versions of movies that are on ATV at 1080p.
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    I was considering getting TT: Closer to the Edge to try an HD film, but it is only 720p.

    It is being promoted in the HD Films to Own for £7.99, but then I checked on Amazon and it is only £1 more for the 3D Blu-Ray + 2D Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack. Even the supposedly cheaper stuff is not cheap.
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    I'd Gladly pay more to not have a physical copy. Let alone three!
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    There are definitely some movies in 1080P. I went looking the other day and the new Jonny English movie was in 1080P and also the last James Bond movie.

    But, there are few in the store, I'll admit.


    No, only in the ATV store. If you view on a Mac, you don't see the 1080P option.
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    The 1920 x 1200 display on my iMac is capable of 1080p, and I can download 1080p movie trailers from iTunes, so it seems silly not to allow me to buy 1080p movies.
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    I'm a bit disappointed in all this, seems either Apple is caught in-between two formats or has now made a jumble of formats exactly that.
    So I have an iPad3 and a ATV3 which I can rent HD in 1080 but not buy. I hope this is not a new money making scheme as they are already losing my sales as I refuse to rent. I'd rather go buy from elsewhere and rip to feel the benefit of the new iPad and ATV.

    Should have just stuck to my iPad2 and ATV2 and 720p I was quite happy.
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    Just started a thread in iPad forum on this topic, I went to download Moneyball

    On my IMac and it says 720p only. On my iPad it's 1080p !!!! Anyone have the

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    Thought I'd dig this thread back up.

    Really dissapointed now at the total lack of 1080 films to purchase. Is there any at all?
  19. Fed
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    I left the cinema about 2 hours ago. Watched Dark Knight Rises. Wowza. What. A. Film.

    I then decided to go on iTunes and download the full HD Dark Knight and Batman Begins... then stumbled across this joke. Why on earth isn't this possible? It's a little bit of a wind up. If I understand this correctly, there is apparently a difference between the iTunes on iPads/ATV and iTunes on Mac which stops the download of 1080p films to MacBooks?

    You've got to be kidding me.
  20. Uncle Pinny, Jul 22, 2012
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    Uncle Pinny

    It's all over the place at the moment.

    Some movies on iTunes (mac) are available 720 or 1080. Some 1080 for streaming only (downloading states 720p). Others only SD but 'available in HD on iPad or Apple TV). There's complete inconsistency in what is offered in what formats - why?

    I rented Dark Knight Rises last week on Apple TV and it was 1080p and looke sweet (again, users need to tick the 1080p option in the Settings page).

    Wish things would just be uniform over all devices.

    And why oh why are there SO FEW FILMS still available (in the UK) apart from all the usual blockbuster crap??

    It's 2012 FFS. Can someone please get their sht together and offer one large library of films in decent (i.e HD, 5.1) format available for purchase or rental online? Lovefilm has the potential but it's online services are worse quality that DVD.

    **EDIT** - another example of digital download service being half baked is the new on demand service form Sky - Now TV. Nothing available in HD. In 2012. Go figure.

    The technology is there. Demand is there.

    Sort it out! (Apple included)
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    If i buy a movie in SD now and later there is the option in the iTunes store to purchase in HD will apple give me the option to upgrade to HD or would i have to purchase the movie all over again.

    I really like the idea of building a movie library through iTunes but with choice and format being so limited it is hard not to go down the road of purchasing blu rays and ripping them.
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    You will have to rebuy it entirely in HD and pay full price. It's a total mess, I have a ton of movies I want on iTunes but flat out refuse to buy because they aren't available in HD to buy, but are available to RENT in HD. It makes no sense. Pricing for HD movies is through the roof as well.

    I'm really happy that apple finally has iTunes movies in the cloud, makes things so much easier but there is still room for improvement. Would like to be able to buy and stream my music collection that I've purchased in iTunes as well.
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    What about 1440p res for my thunderbolt display? :D

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