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Any 15" PB'ers Upgrading to the NEW 17"?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by pimentoLoaf, Aug 18, 2003.

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    And why, just out of curiosity?
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    I wouldn't upgrade from 15 to 17.

    BTW, in a few words what is FOLDING? and what points do you get? Don't feel like going reading about it, maybe someone could give me a QUICK explanation...
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    I went from 500 mhz ice iBook to the 17"PB. I am glad I waited January this year cuz I was going to get the 15'Superdrive PB Titanium last December. Of course, I had to wait till March to finally get the 17, but it's definitely worth it.
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    Nah probably not. The 15" is a great size, expecially since I use it as both laptop and desktop. The 17" would have to have some pretty amazing features in order to best the 15". I may, however, depending on the specs, trade for a 12". I use it a lot for school and such, and having a portable portable might be nice.

    Can anybody think of any really cool features that might show up on the revied 17" that wouldn't be on the 15"?

    I can't. :)
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    You use unused processor power to solve world issues like are there aliens [no] , or help with cancer.
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    Powerbook G5

    The 17" is just way too big for my taste. It makes the "portable" factor less portable, for sure. I've touched and played around with them in the Apple store and I just cannot get used to the size of those beasts. I am definitely going to get a 15". I have a PowerBook G3, so going from a 14.1" to a 15.4" (if the rumors are true on that) widescreen would be a big enough of a screen size change for me.

    [edit] And I have to say, I am secure enough with the size of my ***** not to need a 17" PowerBook, as well ;)
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    Actually Tazo, I'd say conserv. repubs. are what you say in your quote... I'm Liberal and can take on any issue with any of your type. But for the sake of this forum and useless and endless typing, I'll remain quiet about it.
    I'll say this: BILL MAHER.

    But back to the Folding... Do you get something for it? Like cash or anything? Or you just do it for the "kicks"?

    P.S. And as for aliens I say [MAYBE].
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    I am going the other way.
    Selling my 12"PB and going to keep my 17". But I am going to take the money from the 12"PB sale and buy the 15"PB. The 17" is great but it is just to big sometimes. the 15" power book seems to be the best idea in my mind.
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    Nope, well not unless it goes to a G5...

    My next purchase will be a 17" G5 that will be primarily used as a desktop machine... then a 12" G5 as the 17" isn't exactly a realworld portable, for example try and use it on a UK train at peak time, and you won't have access to the required acreage, that is where the 12" G5 will be very, very handy.

    The 17" will be great for client presentations and working client side, but it's use as a day-to-day portable is limted by it's size.

    P.S. And as for aliens I say [DEFINITELY].
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    No way. Too big. Totally defeats the purpose of having a PORTABLE computer. I'm sure it's impressive and nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to be the one carrying it around.

    My next laptop will be a 15" Aluminum Powerbook, G5 or no G5 at this point, I don't care. I just want Aluminum!
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    I already own the 15" PB and think it's the perfect size, the 17" seems to large for me although I do like its features.

    I'm waiting for the new 15" PB's to be released.
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    i've been looking at the current model 17"s since WWDC... i might get one of them instead of the new 15", but the new 15" with Al case is going to be awesome. might just settle for a 15" after all.
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    I would disagree with you. Vehemently. Unequivocally. Irrefragably.

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    OK damn it, you got me... I'm republican now lol.... :D

    BTW dude, do u remember that thread about FOLDING at HOME... some guy said that he bought dual 1.25 just for that and you said it was fkin crazy? People dont' believe me that a guy would do that... think I'm lying or something...

    PS. LIBERAL FOR LIFE (Or Until DEMS disappoint me) :p
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    I too think 15" is about the right size if i were to get a laptop.

    As for aliens [Mathematical Certainty] so there! AS for whether we'll find them with seti, probably not but who knows.
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    "...the stuff that makes everything turn blue and green..."

    If I'm recalling this properly, Cap'n Crunch cereal, if eaten to excess, was able to turn one's urine blue. :eek:
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    Powerbook G5

    Same thing happened if you drank too much of that dark blue Gatorade...(forgot the name of the flavor)
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    Aliens, sure, but I think they were speaking of space aliens.

    I thought folding had to do with proteins, computing possible isomers, to identify candidates for medicines, etc.

    As for mathematical certainty, the only true mathematical certainty is that life is impossible anywhere - even on earth.
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    Yeah folding is protein folding calculations.

    I'm talking of space aliens too. Due to the absolute enormity of the universe it is highly likely that there is quite a few other planets like earth and that quite a few of them have life on them. It is highly unlikely that those planets are anywhere near us and there is much debate about the likelyhood of other life in our galaxy.
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    I think it's highly likely there are aliens out there communicating.

    I just don't think the frequencies that SETI@Home is looking at are the frequencies anyone is communicating on. We don't, though we did send one or two messages at one or a few stars we imagined had life revolving 'round 'em.

    Most of the S@H work is now being re-analyzed by those searching for astronomical anomalies and other, pure-research stuff -- NOT ALIENS. I've always believed that this was the real reason for the program, and if aliens happened to exist in the data, then all the better for radio astronomy.

    (Having a fast processor at least allows piles of data to be crunched quickly, though it wouldn't matter -- all other things being equal -- whether it was on a 15" or 17", BTW.)

    Folding at least has biomedical needs that can directly help world society in ways pure-research on "out there" cannot.
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    15" is great but the 17" is amazing!!
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    The only real advantage of the 17" PB is it's massive screen size, and the fact that there might be room for 2 processors in it someday. Other than that, I find that my 15" TiBook is the perfect size, it fits right in my backpack, is under 7 Lbs with its power adapter, carrying case, and all accessories. IMHO the 12" is too small of a screen, and the features are more akin to the iBook than the PB line. Hopefully this next revision will address things like L3 cache, 640MB max RAM, and a DVI out. If it does, I'm getting one of those, and rather than spend the extra on the 17" I'll put the money I save towards a 20" Cinema Display.

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