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Any ADC Select/Premium members still waiting for Tiger disks?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by jsw, May 3, 2005.

  1. jsw
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    I bought Tiger on Friday for my iMac, but my developer copy has yet to arrive. Am I the only one still waiting, or are others still without it (the developer's copy)?
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    I'm a select member and still waiting too. I think Apple said it would go out in the May ADC mailing.

    I have a question though. As a select member you get 5 software seed keys. Someone with a seed key has access to the download area. They've recently put up Tiger 8A428 in the download area. Does that mean that each of the 5 seed key holders can legally install Tiger? 8A428 is the version in the retail box.
  3. Wes
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    No, I haven't got it either, I've heard May mailing too.
  4. jsw
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    I would assume so - I think anyone you legally give a key to - presumably someone in your company, or, if you're an independent developer, someone who at least theoretically would be helping with development - is eligible.
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    I'm a student developer and haven't received mine... Apple said that I would receive it with the May mailing which hasn't arrived yet... but it sounded like they were going to ship it out on the 29th of April.
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    Shipped on the 29th, allow 3 - 10 days delivery, as usual.

    Most likely, U.S. developers will receive theirs this week.
  7. Wes
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    European disks are sent from Germany, I know I've received one of the previous DVD's before jsw did, we'll see who wins this time.
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    Read the agreement. You can only give seed keys to others in your organization and business partners that are covered by the agreement. You can't give a key to you classmate, drinking buddy or girl next door. You can't charge a fee for the keys, either. Note: the key does no good if you're not an ADC member.

    The 8A428 seed has been available since last Friday evening. You could have d/l it and installed it on Saturday, if you wanted to; I did. As said above, the DVD was mailed out last Friday, as well.
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    Where in my message did it say give keys away to just anybody. That's not what I asked at all.

    The question is (was) does a Select membership entitle you to one or five tiger licenses.
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    The five seed key holders can install Tiger on as many systems as they want, as long as the systems are being used for development purposes. Seed keys don't give you the same right-to-use as a full retail license. Is that what you're asking?

    Also, when general questions like yours are asked, it's not unusual to get a reply that provides additional information that perhaps *someone else* might find informative. This is a forum, not a one-to-one email exchange. I'm sorry if you didn't find the seed key distribution limitations germane to your particular situation. At the end of the day, why don't you just read the ADC agreement?
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    Yes - for the special case where something goes retail. e.g Tiger.

    Because I either didn't find the right agreement, or the pages I read were not clear to me on the rules here in regards to the 8A428 image in the downloads area.

    The version that will be physically mailed I presume does carry the same right-to-use as a full retail license. Is that correct?

    I'm new to all this and I'm just trying to understand the rules so I can play by them. I tried reading the ADC info but it wasn't clear to me. I rang Apple locally and left a message but they haven't called back yet.

    I've already purchased 7 client licenses and have a server 10-pack on order. Based on your reply above, I'm now trying to find out if through my Select membership I have one retail right-to-use Tiger license or not.
  12. jsw
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    My interpretation is that the membership includes a valid-for-general-use OS X license. I see no clear mention either way anywhere on the Apple dev site - lots of mentions of the fact that you get the commercial-release version, no comment on usage restrictions.
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    That's been my interpretation too. Then I saw they put 8A428 in the download area and identified it as the retail release and that's what made me wonder just what that meant in terms of licensing or usage.

    Thanks to you and davel for the clarifications. I think I have the picture now - but I'll still wait to talk to Apple as well. If they say anything different, I'll post back here.
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    And the answer from Apple is...

    Neither the version in the download area, nor the version mailed in the ADC May mailing is a commercial right-to-use license. All ADC obtained versions are for developers for testing and development only.

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