Any app like menumeters to show traffic for iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by nightfly13, Jun 10, 2010.

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    As a big fan of menumeters for Mac (which I use to track CPU use and Network activity in my menu bar) I find I really miss it on my iPad. I just left my iPad downloading a big kindle book for half an hour over wifi and I really wish could see if the spinning icon meant there really was traffic coming through or it got stuck.

    I don't imagine such an app exists, and maybe if it did it would have to be via jailbreak since its kind of system level... I love being able to see network/ISP performance and install it on every Mac I use. Any thoughts?
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    Best thing that is original it go to settings > general > usage

    Although thats for 3G models. Otherwise you can't I think, unless jailbreaking.
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    I would really appreciate any kind of hint for that topic too, since I am using my Wifi iPad with a Mifi. Jailbreak is done, so if there's any app that lets me know how much traffic via WiFi I've used would be great!

    Thanks, Lutz
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    I have also d/l some huge books from amazon on the iPad and have never had to wait a half hour! I can't recall them taking over 1 minute! Sounds like a band width issue! I have 7.1 dsl, what is your speed? Another thing that may be slowing you down is your router/access point.

    Lastly, I still would love to be able to see the stats as you mention. Even more, I would like to see data usage on my wi-fi iPad! I'm curious to know just how much data I currently use on my iPad over a specific amount of time. Some routers show that, however mine does not.
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    The book was extra huge, Lonely Planet India 900+ pages with lots of images and maps) but no doubt my Internet sucks: 512kbps. Still took too long. Later it was done within 10-12min, wasn't watching closely.

    Thanks for e usage tip, I do use 3G from time to time.. It's even slower here :(
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    Ahhhh! Yes that is the problem and I would not expect it to be any faster then the 10 min you mention!

    I'm lucky to have the connection I have and just to give you an example I d/l a book that's well over 2000 pages and tons of images in less then a minute! Here's hoping that you can get more b/w soon;) best to ya, your way and have a great day!

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