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Any apps broken yet?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by negativzero, Jun 10, 2013.

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    I'm going to attempt to install Mavericks over my current ML install after I have my Time Machine backed up.
    So far are there any apps broken in Mavericks???
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    Network Utility is gone!!! Dammit. I use that little app a lot. Guess I will need to find an app store alternative. Also, iMessages is giving me login issues... may be a thrashed/busy server issue though considering it's WWDC and it's new and all. Will wait and see.
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    What about 3rd party apps???

    Also are games improved with the new OpenGL drivers???
  5. w0lf, Jun 10, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2013

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    XtraFinder - broken
    f.lux - memory leak
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    Can't get the AirPort utility to update. When you click the update button, it takes you to the AppStore where it tells you there are no updates available.
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    Is seems like Parallls doesn't work, but the latest released version of VMWare does work according to can anyone confirm whether vmware or parallels works fine under Mavericks?

    Are you sure Mavericks needs an update to the AirPort Utility? Also updates for software for Mavericks will not necessarily come at the same time as updates for released versions of OS X.
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    When you open the AirPort utility, it prompts you to update to 6.3. But when you get to the AppStore, there are no updates available :confused:

    Edit - Nevermind, its on the AppStore now.
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    Little Snitch is not working. Have not checked with the developer yet for a beta.
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    Microsoft Office working okay?
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    Michael Goff

    WebKit Nightly refuses to open
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    I mostly use MS Word and thats working.
    Haven't tried Powerpoint or Excel yet.
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    Anyone tried the adobe suite CS6 and font explorer X?
    And general use apps like spotify or vlc?
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    Viber isnt working... just crashes, had an issue with skype but seems fine now
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    iStatMenu 4.0.5 is also crashing on startup. Not surprising I suppose but a real loss until a Beta version arrives.
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    Pretty sure iStat Menus 4.0.5 is working for me. No crashes whatsoever.
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    Thanks negativzero for the heads up, I'll give it another try
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    Steam and games? The new OpenGL must be breaking something.
  19. D A
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    Coolbook doesn't work. The kext needed (SleepEnabler.kext) causes a kernel panic when booting. With Spotlight indexing the temperatures are about 55-58 C. Not sure what the idle temps are yet.
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    Steam is working fine for me.
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    anyone else having issues with mplayerx and/or skype?
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    List of programs that don't work

    So far, right after I upgrade:

    -Little Snitch
    -Total Finder
    -Carbon Copy Cloner
    -X-lite softphone
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    Server no longer works!

    Message simply says Server 2.2.1 is not compatible with this version of OSX.
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    - iStat Menus (possibly due to dual displays on my Mac Pro)
    - TotalSpaces
    - XtraFinder
    - BetterTouchTool
    - Bartender - worked but noticed issues with dual menu bars
    - LoginX

    Everything else works perfectly


    Works for me, odd.


    CS6 Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. all work as does Font Explorer X and VLC. Don't use Spotify, sorry.
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    PLEX Home Theater no longer works either. :(

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