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Any good websites to get retro old school stock iPhone/iPad wallpapers?

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by Appl3FTW, Jan 18, 2013.

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    I'm rocking an old wallpaper now, i want to get more.
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    thanks Maki ill check it out :cool:

    update: that's retro as in hippie backgrounds.. HAHAHA. not that. i'm looking for the retro/old ios stock wallpapers.
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    LOL I thought so, I saw the name Retro in the app and just copied the link. I'll continue to look around and see if I can find anything for ya.
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    beast.. thanks brah ;)
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    Found this not sure if it's up your alley?

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    ehh not too fond of the oldskool apple logo.. it's too fruity for me.. lulz
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    I personally have a bunch of Tiger and Snow Leopard OSx stock wallpapers that I made into iPhone 5 Wallpapers if you want those? Other then that I havent been able to find alot of what you are talking about.
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    thanks man, maybe we should tell that to whoever posted i should google it since it's that easy to find em... :rolleyes:

    thanks for the offer man but i want the oldskool iphone/ipad wallpapers ios 1-4
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    I have the clown fish one that I made from the original Tiger OSx wallpaper that I will post for ya.


    I believe this was a stock wallpaper as well.

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    clown fish with the green circle coral reef? now we're talkin... those kind

    \\THANKS BRAH.. moaaarrr lawlz
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    This one and the next one were from iOS 4 i think:

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    Actually, the best place to look would be here.


    The UI customization thread. I think I've seen some older iOS backgrounds updated for the iPhone 5. Maybe it was old iPad backgrounds. Either way, check out this area and see what turns up.
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    i remember seeing van gogh.. yes i believe it's a stock ios 3 wallpaper. i know there's a mona lisa too.. lol

    keep em coming.. thanks dude.

    vast: i've already checked earlier..
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    Here is someone who uploaded the wallpapers from iOS 3.0. Problem is they are before retina existed...
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    Ah, sorry. I thought I had seen a few of them that were updated. Again, maybe I was thinking of iPad backgrounds. Good luck in your search. I've never tried to find any so I don't know the first place to look.
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    Maki delivers... thanks brah

    vast: no prob
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    Anyone have the original iPhone picture of the world wallpaper?
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    I saw those on google
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    Sized for iPhone 5, if that's what you want. Big Blue Marble

    Or did you want it for the old iPhone that you have?
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    If you were smart you could have googled "iPhone 2G/3G/S/4/4S/5 wallpapers". Well, that's how someone who knows how to use google would have done it anyway. sure you could have found them in the time it took to ask, belittle people that tired to help you, ask again, belittle people more, then still act like you were somehow owed something. Good luck when you need to find a phone number or something really complex.
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    did u even try that search result and came up with the original iphone wallpapers? i didn't think so.

    correct me if i'm wrong, i thought a forum is where you can collectively assist someone in need of something. if you don't have anything to contribute, then move on to the next topic.

    btw: that search result didn't give me anything i need. so thanks anyway :rolleyes:
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    here's a modified Mona Lisa... : )

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    Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.

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