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Any Hardcandy Hard Shell Reviews???

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by KameronBriggs, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I've been looking around for some reviews of the case, now that I see it is shipping on their website. Has anyone done a review??? Thanks!
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    I specifically want to know:

    -how sturdy are the legs?
    -how easy to get the front cover on/off?
    -how high does it stand with the legs supporting it? (ie, as compared to the Apple case)
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    I'm gonna buy one and I'll put a review up on here.
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    Got my HardShell

    Ok...got it, and here are my first impressions:

    Lightweight and doesn't add much weight to the iPad. Slightly more bulky than I'd prefer, but definitely not big...it's no silicone glove, but pretty slim. Material is hard but flexible. We'll see how durable it ends up being. Enough texture to be grippable without being rough; actually pretty smooth but not slippery. Access to all ports, even with front cover on. Front cover snaps on and off very easily. You can charge with the front cover on, and with it off, is supposed to fit into the iPad stand (don't have one to test). The legs seem sturdy...they're not going to support a lot of weight, but they don't need to; there's no wobble and they have a smooth motion that seems tight. Time will tell if that loosens. Some slight areas where it looks like it was trimmed by a human and not a machine which results in imperfections. Slight, barely noticeable unless looking right at them, completely non-important except for cosmetics.

    Overall, I like it. Protects the edges, props it up like I wanted. I might actually use the lid (I didn't think i would before.) Slight imperfections are not a big deal.

    Was it worth $60? Not sure it's construction/finish justify that expense, but I'm not going to send it back for a refund.

    (sorry, didn't realize it would make all pics landscape...)

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    Got mine in black today after a long wait, just thought I'd add a couple of things:
    1. It stands about 4.5cm high on the legs. Sorry don't have the Apple case so can't compare.
    2. It comes in a sort of velvety, matte, rubberised finish (the black one, at least). I'd somehow expected from the renderings that it would be textured plastic, but it isn't. It doesn't collect dust and doesn't seem to mark easily, but I've only had it a day.
    3. The front cover doesn't fit on the back when not in use, which I was hoping for, as several of their other cases do.
    4. The plastic is on the thin and lightweight side (it makes a clacking sound when you're moving pieces around, unlike say, otterbox's cases, which feel and sound solid).

    Hope that helps anyone who's considering this case.
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    An amendment to my comment earlier, the front cover does attach to the back when not in use - big plus for me. It doesn't sit flush on the back, instead it leaves a gap between back and cover, but that also means it leaves all ports free for use.
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    Slightly lower angle than the apple case, very slightly. No discernible difference when typing.

    I now see what you mean about the front attaching...I'd been trying to force it flush, but you're right, if you just let the lips clip to the back case, it works, big plus! And the feet still swing out with it on.
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    Crh3ff - i'm happy it is doing what you had hoped! (since I feel slightly responsible for you spending the money on it! :p)

    That one spot you posted where it looks shaved would bug me though, id have to email them and ask if that is how it was supposed to be... If so, I'd have to take my exacto to it and "fix" it.

    Thanks for posting the pics and a review!
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    Ya man! Thanks for the review!
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    It was a good recommendation! If the irregular edge was more prominent, it would bother me, but really, you can't see it during normal use. I will definitely think about contacting them (in addition, I think I'd prefer black).
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    Thanks for the review

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