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any ibook upgrades for MWSF planned?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by arnette, Dec 7, 2002.

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    I'm going to get tackled for posting a question, but at least I'll get some links to the right spots. Has anyone caught word of possible changes to the 12.1" ibooks for January? Internal, cosmetic, price or otherwise? I've heard that the slower 12.1" is a different color white and wondered it this was a trend developing for Apple. Also, there were mad rumors of an ibook widescreen at one point, too. Now THAT would be perfect for me. I love the video card and speed of the new powerbooks but it's honestly way too much computer for me. I'm waiting for an ibook revamp.

    (Just get a new 800mhz and shut up!) yeah, whatever. I'm holding out of a gig of power.

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    I doubt it. They just upgraded just about everything and lowered the price.

    There is no better laptop deal than Apple's right now, it's probably going to be awhile before they update again.

    Get one now if you want one, especially if you want to run OS9.

    Don't expect any updates anytime soon.
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    I agree. The next iBook will be redesigned...probably in 9 months or so.
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    ok, well, this has nothing to do with ibooks....

    I was fooling around at CompUSA the other day and it was really obvious that the screen brightness and clarity was much better on a last generation 700Mhz ibook than it was on a 667mhz Powerbook.
    Was the screen improved on the last update of the Powerbook to one that was equivalent or better than the ibook? Unfortunately, I don't live around an Apple Store so I can't check out the latest hardware. CompUSA only had the older versions of both notebooks on display. Sort of makes it hard to compare, but that's an entire separate thread......

    It relates (sort of) to this thread because I'm going Apple soon but I'm anal retentive so it takes me a while.
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    Both the 667mhz and 800mhz TiBook screen were wonderful... and the newest (867mhz/1Ghz) Ti has been given a brighter screen. The iBooks screen is wonderful as well. Maybe you saw a first generation 667mhz that has been around awhile turned on constantly.
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    a thinner ibook, and perhaps lighter would be nice...in keeping with sony and fujitsu

    but 9 months would be a long time to wait

    i would prefer this in less than 6 months
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    I would prefer one right now...but that doesn't mean it'll happen. When the G3 powerbook was redesigned to the G4 powerbook, it was 11 months between updates. When we went from the Clamshell to the IceBook...it was 8 or 9 months without an update. Also, when the TiBook was redesigned...their was not a speed bump. When the iBook was redesigned, it got a 33mhz speedbump.
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    I guess I'll be waiting

    Looks like I'll be waiting at least until January to find out if anything new is released. I'm in no rush, it would be my first introduction to the Mac way of life so I really don't want or need Mac 9.x, and I wouldn't mind waiting for a particularly thinner and more powerful ibook.

    I just hate waiting, that's all. I'm such a consumer. Dammit... I need to go watch Fight Club again and recenter myself.

    Thanks all who have enlightened me with the details.
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    i don't think it will be too long for a new desing, that is if they are planning on a new desing for their next release of iBooks. I was looking on www.everymac.com , and it looks like the time between release are gettng shorter and shorter. Look at the redesign of the powermacs, that was only about 6 months. Also, there has been about 6 months between every PowerBook G4 release, and i think it's about the same for the iBooks.
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    While this has been true for the last year and a half...these have also just been speed bumps...we're talking about a totally redesigned powerbook and iBook...it is generally a little longer for a redesign. Why do you think Apple gave us more than we expected in the current upgrades? to hold us over for more than 6 months. I hope I am wrong, but this is an educated guess.
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    I'd like to see a true upgrade: take my 500Mhz 12-incher in for a motherboard swap, whilst keeping my hard drive intact.
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    I kind of hope that you are right...cause in that case i will feel good about ordering a 1ghz powerbook in april, which would be close to when they would release a new model, which in that case i hope wont be released. oh well, it's a gamble.
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    not much on an upgrade

    Maybe I'm too optimistic, but it really didn't seem like much on an upgrade last time for the ibooks. 100 Mhz and a desperately needed video card upgrade.... doesn't seem like much to me. I suppose I would be offended if Apple decided to give another boost to the line in Jan. had I just bought an ibook in Nov., but really what Apple did to upgrade isn't much to get all puffy with pride about.

    True, something is better than nothing, but from what I keep hearing then the G3 is capable of much more and is really only held back by progress on the G4 line. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wouldn't be surprised if the ibooks had another touchup or complete overall much sooner than the alleged 6 or 9 months down the line as people keep suggesting. I don't follow the history of the upgrades, but it seems that the feeling on these boards is that the upgrade history is less dependent as it used to be.

    yeah, I know... I can't give you links or names to back any of that up but it's just an opinion anyway.
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    Last year Apple introduced the 14" after the November upgrade, so it's not out of the question that they might release some kind update at MWSF.

    Now exactly what that might entail, I don't have a clue. But I think it'd be best to wait until the Jan keynote before you bought, unless you need it badly.
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    This is true. IceBook was introduced in October of 2000. 14" IceBook was introduced in January 2001. Give us a redesigned iBook Apple! Please?
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    Re: not much on an upgrade

    There isn't too many laptops at $1299 that have 32MB of VRAM...so I wouldn't call it a desperate situation. 100mhz is a normal Apple speedbump...so don't expect anything and maybe we'll all be suprised. What Apple did in November was a B IG deal. Not even the rumor sites thought it would be that good. Price cuts, speedbumps, AND a better video card...that is pretty damn good for Apple.

    www.apple-history.com has all the info needed to track when products are introduced.
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    Actually, the release time for the PowerMacs has slowly gotten LONGER starting all the way back with the PowerMac G3. It went from 4 months to 5 months to 6 months and this last update was 7 months!

    This this post for the exact dates:
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    Re: Re: not much on an upgrade

    I know what you mean, but with OS X recommending 32MB VRAM (if I remember correctly) then ANY Apple update better include their own recommendations!

    But I see your point. I guess 100Mhz and a video card boost is a lot... for Apple.
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    Re: Re: Re: not much on an upgrade

    To make us happy...Apple would have to double processor speeds and offer specs that noone in the PC world can offer. Unfortunately, that is asking alot. Apple is trying.
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    NO !

    They were just updated last month ! In fact, many stores don't even have decent stock of them yet.

    I wouldn't expect new portables until the summer. Sorry, but it just wouldn't make sense to update every 2 months.

    my $.02

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    Re: NO !

    Sorry! to angry you.
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    Re: Re: Re: not much on an upgrade

    I haven't seen a reference to what Apple "recommends" but QE requires a minimum of 16MB of VRAM.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: not much on an upgrade

    Yes, minimum of 16MB of VRAM, but Apple recommends 32MB of VRAM. I remember this from the website. It is in the "More about Quartz Extreme" PDF in the Jaguar section of the site.
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    Here ! here!

    I am poised to buy an iBook

    unless SJ unveils an ---- iReNewton ----

    or a 19" iMacDaddy with
    true 16X9 and an ADC port for that 23" hi-def that haunts me o'nights.

    Especially if we could watch true Hi-Def TV broadcasts and Satellite on it.

    BUT I AM PUZZLED - - I read the cancellation letter from Apple to patent office and it requests a cancellation of the BlueTooth *MODULE* ---- not to be marketed by Apple henceforth. The MODULE would not be needed if BlueTooth were to be INTEGRATED in the new machines. YET, all sites interpret the cancellation as a rejection of the INTEGRATED BT !!!! Doesn't it mean the opposite ????

    COOLER iBOOK !!! COOLER iBOOK !!!! COOLER iBOOK !!!! Puh-Leeeeezzzz


    an otherwise proud bow-wow

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