Any ideas for a TiBook G4 400mhz?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by princealfie, Apr 4, 2006.

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    Hi folks,

    I did win a useable TiBook G4 400mhz on ebay about 2 weeks ago and it came in yesterday. The question is what can I do with it? It has 10 gb at the moment and I won't be able to upgrade so I'm thinking about slapping Tiger into it.

    I'm surprised how lightweight this laptop is compared to the Al Book. It doesn't seem as sturdy but the screen is impressive. :eek:

    :) On the other hand, I do like the design exceptionally. It won't run Aperture but it works with Photoshop and perhaps a few other programs I suspect?

    This gives me the fifth Apple laptop now. I think that it will be replacing my 12" PB in the meantime? :)

    At least it's not a paperweight. Any other current TiBook guys here?
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    What do you mean you won't be able to upgrade the HD?

    You can put an 80 GB in there easily...!

    I would take it apart and clean every spec of dust / grime out of it. To make it feel more your own.

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    Not sure to tell you what to do with it (you have several laptops to use :) ). Recommended upgrades would be a larger HDD, installation of either Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.3, and some more RAM (especially if you plan on installing Tiger).
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    You can upgrade the CPU to 550 at Daystar.

    You can max out memory and hd very easily.

    (I'm on an original 550mhz Tibook right now and LOVING IT.)

    You can sell your pb/ibook collection and get the mac of your choice.

    Why do you have so many old Mac laptops?
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    Yeah why so many? And not even like *really* old collectables, but just a bunch of moderately old computrs? What good is that? Sell them and buy a MBP!
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    I'm rockin' the 400mhz TiBook, too. It compliments my Power Mac, which is my main machine. I use the TiBook mainly for wireless around the house. The battery is shot, so that needs to be replaced, but I only paid $150 for it, so it was a hecka good deal. I don't know exactly what good it would be to you, with so many other notebooks, but it works great for me. I love it! :)
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    turn it into a digital picture frame..... it would look nice on the wall with the large screen.
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    Actually I plan to get the Mac Book Pro by the end of the year... the main reason why I have a lot of "recent" Macs is for DVD ripping. I can rip about 3-4 DVD's in my collection at the same time :eek:
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    So once you're done ripping them, send a computer to me. I'll pay 1% of the shipping.
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    Which of your macs have superdrives?

    I wonder if someone could put a superdrive in a 400mhz Tibook?
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    i'm using a tibook 400 mhz now ,it's my main mac(also my only).i installed an 80 gig in it and upgraded the memory and put tiger on it and it runs great faster than i thought it would,really for 400mhz its pretty fast and handles all of my need.i only use it for the web,itunes,iphotos and chat and someother things encoding videos for my psp and watching dvds i love the 15inch widescreen.dont think i can get another laptop with anything less than a 15in only concern is the hinges i dont want then to snap so i'm looking on ebay for backups just in case.but yeah its a good laptop and it should work well for you.but i will be getting a mbp within the year:D
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    I was recently given a TiBook 667 and haven't done a thing with it. My friend gave it to me cuz the hardrive crashed and he didn't have the installer discs.
    I installed Panther on it and it seems fine.

    Funny thing is, he tried to sell it to me for $2,000 last year.
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    Oh the irony. :)

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