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Any interesting experiences at Disneyland?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Doctor Q, May 24, 2003.

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    Doctor Q

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    Share your interesting experiences from Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris, or Disneyland Tokyo.

    Mine, all from Disneyland:

    No license

    When I was 3 or 4, I remember being worried about going on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride because I didn't know how to drive. My parents didn't seem to know that I didn't have a driver's license and I thought you really had to know how to steer!

    Attacked by a wild animal

    I was sitting on a bench in one of the walkways through Sleeping Beauty's Castle when one of Three Little Pigs costumed characters walked by. I had one leg crossed over the other. The pig playfully knocked my leg off my other leg. I looked up and laughed. To this day, I'm the only one I know to have been kicked by a Disney costumed character.

    Not killed at high speed

    My friend didn't want to go on the Matterhorn bobsleds, so I went by myself and was paired with strangers. In the middle of the ride, our bobsled zoomed down and around a corner, making a sweeping right turn to a slight incline, then slowed down and stopped. I looked around and saw that other bobsleds were still moving, including the one behind us! Employees appeared out of nowhere (they must live in the walls like gnomes!) and for a second I thought we were going to be hit by the bobsled behind us. But it slowed down too and stopped while making the sweeping turn. The employee ("cast member" in Disney parlance) said "it's number 10 again" into a radio, pushed our car (#10) a little, and soon all the bobsleds started up again.

    People Notmover

    The People Mover ride, which was later replaced by Rocket Rods, stopped once while my family was in a car approaching the end of the ride. After a 10 or 15 minute wait, employees came walking along the elevated walkway where the track runs and escorted us off. We got to walk around the last turn on the platform. It's plenty wide, but it made some people nervous since there were no handrails and no fence to keep us from falling off the edge if we didn't watch our step.
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    I have a year pass, so I'm there almost too much...not much has happened when I've been there... Except when we took our niece (I'm married) to the park and made her go on the HAUNTED HOUSE....She pissed her pants......That was way fun!...Luckly it didn't go on me or my wife, since she sat between us...

    That's it though, I think, although, I know there is more...probably nothing that great though...Oh, wait, has anyone here ever ate or been inside CLUB 33???
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    I was at DisneyWorld more than 10 years ago, but don't remember any interesting experinces to pass along. Had a great time! ;)
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    i say you're sick on two counts. #1 you have a year pass to disneyland. what's wrong with you?! #2 you made a little girl piss her pants. you bad bad man.

    at DisneySea in Tokyo, they have row-boats, i saw a poor little japanese kid fall in the water. he could swim surprisingly. so it was just funny. poor drenched kid.
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    Doctor Q

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    Yesterland is a nice web site with photos and descriptions of former Disneyland rides. Here's their photo of the People Mover. The part I walked on is where the orange cars are.

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    nothing interesting happened at disneyland (btw is this because i went the day before yesterday for a magic music days workshop?!)
    but...one woman and her two kids were waiting in line in front of me and some of my friends for autopia and i was saying something about how i got drunk on new years and something about how much hangovers sucked (while we were singing Get This Party Started applemusic style complete with new iPod and the earbuds that it comes with :) )...she was trying to move away from me really fast, she almost fell down the stairs (if you've been there...you know the stairs down to the place where they tell you which car to get in). i tried to make one of my friends take a pic of me talking on my cell phone in the "car" :p

    however, something interesting happened to robert, one of my friends. He was on splash mountain and the ride broke down while he was in one of those log things...mere inches away from the big drop :eek:
    luckily he got passes that let him jump to the front of the line if he was interested in coming back after the ride was fixed.
  7. job
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    when i was living in england i took the eurostar bullet train to disneyland paris.

    great stuff. us americans think our freeways are the best in the world. you haven't travelled well until you've been on the eurostar.

    props to all the british and french engineers out there who designed the best rail system in the world.

    i didn't care too much for the park itself, but the train was excellent.
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    Doctor Q

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    I was planning to tell my Disneyland stories and see what others had to say sometime, and your mention of it reminded me that I hadn't gotten around to it. So yes, it's your fault. :)

    Did you get to go behind the scenes for your workshop? I played in a school band that performed at Disneyland, and the best part was getting to go in the employee's entrance. We followed our hosts around in the areas you normally can't get to. We were led through a fence gate and we found ourselves on Main Street.
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    hehe mmd totally ruined disneyland for me. for my entire life i loved disneyland because it gave me a magical feeling...until i saw backstage disney. it's horrible...if only i could take pictures there...
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    i have a question to tack on to this. how many of you have never been to disneyland/disneyworld? i for one have not.
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    Me neither.
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    I'm sick of Disneyworld, actually Epcot.

    When I was studing Multimedia in Orlando we had 2 days of class in a big warehouse in Epcot, in the brakes we were allow to enter the atractions. That was in November I think and it was cold and no lines, so, I got in almost every attraction in less than an hour.
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    did i just have a doublethink, or did paulwhannel's post just get deleted?
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    All I really remember is the Dumbo The Flying Elephant ride. I didn't know how to get the damned thing to go up. (I think my button was stuck.) The girl in the back seat finally hit her button, and as I was not expecting it, I just about pooped my pants. My parents still have a picture of me looking terrified!
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    Doctor Q

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    What a shame that you never got the chance. I'll pick you both up at 7am tomorrow and we'll go. (Unless you're afraid of huge mice and have been avoiding going on purpose.) Six Flags over Texas and Six Flags over Highway 9 just don't compare.
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    i'm game. you'll find me asleep in Rockport, TX, in a golf club suburban home owned by my grandparents. don't dent my car when you pull up.
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    Doctor Q

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    Announcer: Hey Shadowfax! Somebody who drove all night from Los Angeles and fell asleep at the wheel just crashed into your car. What are you going to do next?

    Shadowfax: I'm going to Disneyl... on second thought, I'm going to sue for damages!
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    didja know that there is a private club in disneyland? "club 33"" is located right next to the entrance to the pirates of the caribbean restaurant. its marked by a small sign and a doorbell...its the only place in the park where you can get alcoholic beverages. nothing like watching the parade with a good buzz going.

    also there are hidden apartments on the grounds for the really big shots to stay in...how cool would that be.
  19. mim
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    You should know that the Brits still haven't finished the tracks their side. It's much faster once you leave england :rolleyes:

    I've never been to any of the disneylands ever. As a kid, it's all I wanted to do (until I discovered how cool girls were....).
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    man, i've always thought the Europeans had much better transit system. ours looks like it was thrown together by someone who wanted to facilitate weapons transportation for a nuclear war... oh, wait, i wonder why that is? :rolleyes: ;)

    seriously, "advisory speeds" on freeways. how badass is that? that way, when no one is there, you can go 90, 100, 120 mph, whatever, and nobody cares--the same is true in america, unless you find a cop, but still. i would like to be able to travel at those speeds legally when it is safe to do so, and quite honestly, there really are those situations. i travelled 3 hours on Friday from Austin to Rockport. there were multiple 10 mile stretches of highway where i saw absolutely nothing. sure, i was going 90-100, but i would have felt better if i didn't think i was breaking the law.

    on a side note to a side note, has anybody seen krossfyter? i should go meet up with him.
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    Not any really interesting experiences, but I had one hell of a time going there on all the rides :) It was fun :p I love splash mountain and the matterhorn. The Haunted House was awesome too, I went there for the first time during August, and everyone knows what Southern California is like in August, 90 degrees at 7am, anyway, when i went to the Haunted House, and there is that air conditiioner, right as you walk through the doors, that was one of the greatest feelings I have ever had-true refreshment. Disneyland was awesome :)

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    He's a demi, they can delete their own posts.
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    POWER! i want a MUG! damn. i never knew that. i should really get one.
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    I think that just sold me. :)
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    i'll believe it when i see it. ;)

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