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Any Iphone case that also doubles as a wallet?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by chemistslime, Jul 14, 2007.

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    Are there any Iphone cases out there that also doubles as a wallet? I plan to take my iphone everywhere just like my wallet but i want to reduce the bulk by having the case serve a double function. Does anyone know?
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    I don't think I've actually seen a wallet that combos as a cellphone case. I've seen planner like books that you can store business cards and memos in. those sometimes have pockets for a PDA or cellphone but those are really much bigger than a wallet.

    Would be kind of interesting to see that though. Although I would hope it's not the wallet type that goes in your back pocket. I wouldn't want to sit on my phone lol.
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    i'm sure this isn't the solution you're looking for, but it looks like the incase folio's belt clip could act as a money clip. i've yet to try this, but this is what i first thought when i bought the folio.
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    Yea, I saw that one but it doesn't suit my taste. I was thinking of something along the lines of the Incase Leather Folio but that it also doubles as a wallet.

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    Those cases are hot. The idea of an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet is a good idea. I don't think I would buy those particular cases though. It looks like a purse. feminish. and I'm going to stay away from the magnetic flap ones until I hear more about the effects of magnetic cases on the iPhone.
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    I'm also searching for something to suit my needs.
    None of these really appeal to me either.
    I like the incase design tho.
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    You might try the nupocket.com website they have a cellphone wallet.
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    Wait.. why would you want to do this? so someone could wipe out your iphone, calendar, information, address book and such, as well as your credit cards, cash, ID and whatever other information you hold in your wallet all in one quick swipe? Just seems too risky to hold it all in one place like that?
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    That's an interesting way to look at it. I was kind of looking at it the other way around, where it would be less likely to misplace things because it's one less thing to keep track of. The less spread out those valuables are the less likely I am to misplace them or leave them unattended.

    Most of the time (for me at least), things that I've had stolen from me in the past were because I left them unattended or misplaced them for a prolong period of time.

    Honestly If someone made one of these that's more guy friendly in terms of looks and throw in a small slot (space) for my car keys it would be perfect.

    No more leaving the house with 3 separate things to gather and look for. Where's my cell? Where's my wallet? Where are my keys? . All in one place.
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    Very cool but pricey . . . . $60 euro dollars = $82.69 U.S. currency :eek:
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    I was actually thinking about this before I saw this thread. From a girl point of view it would be great to have something like this so when you are carrying a small purse it's one less thing to jam in. This is what I am using currently...


    It would be awesome if there was something like this without the clip in the back and instead two credit card holders and maybe a small zipper section to put some cash. It's not gonna replace a wallet. But for a night out it would be great. :)
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    I agree . . . very nice leather case. I considered that one but ended up ordering Case Mate's flip case and holster combo. If it doesn't ship by the indicated ship date I may order Griffin's case.
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    I like it a lot. Doesn't add too much bulk but protects it and the clip is removable which is perfect for me. One of the few times i've gone to a store and found exactly what I was looking for.:D
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    Really - look at this one - PielFrama

    They are 70€/$97. I ordered it (June 29! waiting forever...). The flipper ones are 60€, I believe.

    Like you, I was not interested in replacing a wallet but rather the option to simplify "baggage" on occasion.
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    same here. I also ordered one from an Ebay seller and still waiting it for coming.

    So far this is the best wallet-like case I cound find.

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    Please post some pictures when you get it. I'd like to see how big it is in reality. 3 credit card slots, and a money pocket is plenty for me. However, I'd like to know if I can still fit it in a front pocket comfortably. If you could post some type of review I know I'd certainly appreciate it.
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    sure, I can do that.

    Just contacted the Ebay seller, the reply was that the case would be shipped from Spain on July 20th....

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    I like that one form Prima; however, not really sure why it has SD Micro Card slots on it. A money pocket right there for a couple bills would make a lot more sense. Looks like something that was maybe re-purposed for the iphone.

    The gold one is a bit of a monstrosity.
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    That one isn't too bad either, though I can't imagine clipping anything to my belt like that. I just don't like the way that looks, plus I'd constantly be banging it into doorways or the corners of desks and stuff like that. Would be helpful if they actually showed the pocket.

    I'm still the most interested in that Piel Frama that closes like a book with the 3 credit card slots and the money slot. My only worry is that it will be really bulky and you won't have access to all of the phone's controls while in the case.
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    I don't think accessing the controls would be a problem, but how would you talk on it? Fold the flap around the back or something?
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    Well 9 times out of 10 for me, I'm usually on the move when I'm using the phone. I'd either use the bluetooth headset or the earbuds.

    In a pinch you could just slide the phone out of the case.

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