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Any kind soul want to lend a hand?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by AMPShine, Oct 25, 2005.

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    I haven't had an issue with this in the past, and I'm really sorry to bother anybody, but I need some help! When I connect my iPod mini to the firewire cable to add new songs, nothing happens! It doesn't even charge it! Any hints?
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    Have you tried using the USB cable? If it doesn't work with that either, there may be a problem with your iPod...
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    I'm currently using the cable the plugs into my USB port, no response. It worked a week ago ;(. It plays music fine, and my iTrip works as well.
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    What model of computer are you using?
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    Ugh its a computer my father bought me, and it's not a brand name. It was made by a friend of his. It's IBM compatible. at least 1 gig mhz, 40 gig harddrive, 512 ram.
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    Could this be an issue related to a software update? For example, has your iPod software been updated recently but not iTunes? Vice-versa?
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    have you tried re-starting the iPod? hold down the pause/play button and the menu button at the same time for 5 seconds or so, then the apple logo will appear and the iPod will be restarted. also do other things, such as thumb drives or other USB devices work with the exact USB port you have been trying? but if it does the same thing with the firewire port might be something specific to the iPod instead of the machine. . . . thats made me think of an interesting idea, what happens if you try the iPod in a different computer? if the same thing happens, then its definitely the iPod. . . if it works in a different computer then its likely the computer you are using.
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    if I reset the iPod, won't I loose all of my songs? I have songs on there that are not on my computer any more ;/

    I am going to try to connect the iPod on my brother's computer..
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    Everything works 110% on his computer! he isn't even updated witht he latest software! I don't get it!
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    sounds like it might be something on your computer then, if you got it to work on your brother's computer.

    the first thing to do on a windows machine is to check the drivers, make sure they are all there and fully functioning. (assuming you are running windows XP). . . right click my computer, then select manage. then a new window will pop up called computer management. select device manager on the left. if anything is wrong there will be a red x or a yellow question mark on the item. if there are one of these, then the drivers probably need to be installed. if not, then the process might get more complicated. . . . but ill leave it here for now

    but no, reseting the iPod as i described above will not lose any of the songs. the only way you will lose songs is if you do an iPod update from a computer and tell it to restore to factory settings.
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    Re-installing your usb/firewire drivers will almost always solve this. I went through the same ordeal you're experiencing last month. Be sure to run a Windows Update, also, which you should do every couple weeks, anyway.
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    Well I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply to this thread but I wasn't home for a long stretch of time! I did everything wPod suggested, and there were no question marks or checks. Also, I am running Windows XP as you correctly assumed.

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