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any light on 10.7.1?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by lamonsas, Jul 31, 2011.

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    with the very serious video freeze on mid 2011 imacs , what are the chances apple will release 10.7.1 this week? any word on that?
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    No one knows but Apple.
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    Apple is already seeding 10.7.2 to developers (related to iCloud). If you want stability you should use Snow Leopard till (at least) 10.7.2 comes out.

    Lion is not as stable as 10.6.8 but I can deal with it and overall I liked the upgrade.
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    Historically (at least since Tiger), .1 releases have come out 2 to 3 weeks after their respective retail product lands. Using that as a basis, I'd assume 10.7.1 would come out in the next 1 1/2 weeks or less.
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    Would developers get a seed of 10.7.1 before the "official" patch is released.

    I notice a few glitches in Lion, but the new features outweigh my issues.
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    Anyone know approximately how big the update will be? How big are they usually
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    We really have no idea since we don't know what issues Apple are fixing. Even if we know what they were fixing it would be very hard to determine the size of the update. One thing I do know is that Apple will not fix all of the current issues and the update will create other issues.
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    I expect it soon. Probably within the next 2-4 weeks. Just a guess. Overall I've been pleased with Lion's stability, though. Solid OS.
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    i actually really like lion -
    i have the GM and also the appstore

    the later, on my MBP does cause horrendous beachballing with my OWC ssd - this was never an issue for me personally in SL
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    No the OS is far from solid. Sure there are always people with problems. But I haven't had freezes in SL for quite some time (only in the 10.6.0 era). Lion froze my iMac over 5 times several days while doing nothing but web-browsing and Pages stuff. Luckily Resume took away some frustration ;) And there are the random beach balls, slow Mac Appstore, memory leaks (my Dock took 2,5 gigs of ram…) etc. Sure I like Lion a lot, but it is far from stable.
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    They aren't really seeding 10.7.2 to developers...it was just provided sort of as a side note to test iCloud. It is likely that 10.7.1 will be seeded to developers soon.
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    why would they seed 10.7.1 to devs lol, its a bug fix update, not a "new features" update.
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    really difficult, all of us with mid 2011 imacs are having serious freezing issues, we neeed 10.7.1 really soon, its like i cant use my computer anymore as im scared to press a link where a youtube video will pop up or something and freeze my computer.

    its a really nasty bug that needs serious fixing and FAST. we didnt pay over 2k for a computer that freezes when u play a freaking youtube video.
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    All OS updates are seeded to developers.
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    There are too bugs to fix, apple have to work for weeks to resolve this weird situation. I bet the update take to 4-6 weeks to coming out.
    This time apple decided to make their customers their own beta testers.
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    The first update to the previous 3 OS X releases (Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger) all appeared 2-3 weeks after the initial release, and I would be surprised if that changed here.

    You have to keep in mind that the version of Lion that is on sale was finished 2 weeks before its release, so 10.7.1 has been in the works since then, at least.
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    that what im thinking aswell man,

    see , the Golden Master was released in July 1st, and as we all know, the Golden Master is the exact same build as the final build of Lion that they released on the Mac Store so they have been working on 10.7.1 for atleast 3 weeks now already, i really hope its coming this week, they really NEED to release it.

    there are no other major bugs other than that freezing issue when watching youtube videos, its pretty stable otherwise.
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    Sorry you've had a rough go. 3 Macs upgraded day 1, put through its paces and no freezes, crashes, lockups, glitches, etc. So far so good here. .1 will probably be good for your machine.
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    yea but none of your mac are the 2011 imac so thats why u aint got problems.
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    prove it, you are wrong, bug fix updates get released to everyone at the same time.
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    We need an update to Lion ASAP too many issues. I can't downgrade to SL on this new MacMini either.

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