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Any More New Product Announcements?

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by pat5507, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Will there be any more new product announcements at Macworld? I did not know if they do all the product announcements on the 1st day or what. I'm really hoping for a true video iPod. Just wondering if there's a chance of new product announcements for the rest of the week! Thanks
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    Traditionally, Steve holds something back and annouces it a few weeks later by special invitation-only press conference.
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    Yeah, he forgot to announce the macbook ultra portable that is going to be released when santa rosa gets into production.....

    Seriously, the iPhone is nice but it isn't what I need :(
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    I agree. I was hoping for some Mac Related stuff.
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    glad to know you are psychic :rolleyes:
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    i want an official mac tablet. the modbook is butt ugly
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    Ooooh, I have a stalker. Stop being a jackass. The OP asked if there would be any more announcements at MACWORLD. All signs point to NO. Look for an invitation to a special event in the next couple of weeks....count on it.

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