Any other IM Clients than AIM up?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by Silver-Fox, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Any other IM Clients than AIM up? iChat or anything?
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    yeh i could do with one that supports msn
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    me too
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    EVeryone in England/ UK needs one, it's our water to fish.
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    Yep. A Live Messenger App, or even one that just supports Msn accounts, is very much needed. :(
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    it will be a shame if no one does put one out
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    yep i think it'll probably be one of the most downloaded apps if it is
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    MSN on Apple's iPhone?

    I think it would look bad, for Apple.

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    i think it would look bad if apple started stopping competitors from writing applications
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    only the same way messenger for mac does. MSN messenger is the biggest IM service here in the UK, dunno about anywhere else, it's the only thing i talk to people on. Not through choice of course but no one else has iChat
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    Even though I only use AIM, I am hoping that Adium puts out an application. Trillian also has Astra in the works, which will probably end up as an app on the iPhone soon.
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    Astra has been in the works for a wile

    and it's all I use in the uk as well, I don't know anyone on yahoo or aim it's all msn msn msn
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    I think has a mobile site designed for iphone use I think it is....

    I use meebo at work as we're not allowed to install msn and its great - can get all my accounts on it gmail, yahoo, msn. Not sure what it looks like on the iPhone though as I've not got mine...Tomorrow though !!!

    Can someone log onto it with their iPhone and see what its like.
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    yeh it looks good and that, like formatted for the iphone but its not a native app
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    Chef Medeski

    Everyone in the world I find uses MSN, its only people in the states who use AIM. I'm bummed. They have IMing for one country, not 70 they are releasing in. :rolleyes:
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    Palringo have announced they will be releasing an IM application supporting MSN, ICQ, AIM, Y, GTalk, Jabber, GG.

    It's not available on the App Store right now though.
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    Gtalk please!

    I hope this comes soon. And perhaps Google will release their own Gtalk client -- my friend has a Gtalk client for his BlackBerry.

    Please, Google, please!
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    MobileChat's coming out. Release date unknown, though.
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    Where's Apollo or that other jailbreak IM program? Didn't I read something like back before the SDK was even announced that Apollo was going to hold off on further development until the SDK was released to make a legit app? Nowhere to be found.
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    fair point where is apollo
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    I'm hoping for Adium with a gChat client!
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    MobileChat will support msn, aim and a lot more!

    It was the coolest app for a jailbroken iPhone, now wait till they release it...
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    Just so I'm clear -- If i'm using the AIM client, and I open something else (ie. mail or safari), I will NOT receive any notification that I received any IMs until I open AIM again? Does it even show any number indicator (badge) next to the AIM icon before I open it?
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    Correct - that should change in September, though, when the push service becomes official.
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    Where can I find more info on the push service? And will they charge for it?

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