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any pics of sleeve that 5th gen comes with?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tdogg20, Oct 24, 2005.

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    Can anyone post some pics of the sleeve that the iPod comes with please.
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    I got my 5G about two hours ago. The sleeve is a joke. It is a piece of crap.

    I'll take the pics in a couple of minutes and post them.
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    Ditto... I went to staples today, but they only had the pre-cut ones that would have been too small. I need some for my palm pilot as well!
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    Yes, well with that company (http://www.screenguardz.com/custom/) you enter the size you want and they make them.... no extra cost. :)
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    I personally don't think its all that bad a case. Its not going to protect your ipod if you drop it, but at least it will keep the scratches to a minimum. When I first saw it in pictures I thought it was made of crappy plastic or something. At least its a soft case to put your ipod in. Im using it along with the invisible screen I just put on it. Not a bad combo, but its difficult to slide in and out like someone mentioned before.
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    anyone have any pics of there iPod in the case that show the front, back, sides, and bottom
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    I'm fortunate that they at least give us a case to hold us over until we buy a nice one. I don't have the new iPod yet, but my dad does and his screen is already scratched. He said he whiped it with a napkin which is something I wouldn't do... but he doesn't mind. It's more of a hairline scratch than an actual one.
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    I don't have a new iPod, but I saw one in the store the other day. I was surprised at how cheap the sleeve looks. It really does look like a homemade craft project. Definitely not up to par with the usual Apple quality.
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    The way I see the case is that its just enough to be able to put it in a pocket and soft enough to avoid scratches in the pocket. So its good for what its for, just a nice soft piece of cloth.
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    It actually looks a lot better than I thought it would be. I was expecting just a couple pieces of cloth sewed together, although I don't think the case would stop me from buying a new, better one.
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    It isn't that bad, but I find its a very tight fit on the 60 gig. It is hard to get it in there.
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    I don't think Apple had any real plan to make this thing a protective skin for your iPod. They just included it to make you feel warm and mushy since you arent getting firewire or an ac charger. Plus, the damn thing scratches easier than a dog with fleas. Wow thats a crappy analogy ;P
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    I've kept the protective plastic on thus far. I am scared, from all these reviews I've read. My 4th generation iPod Photo 30 gig did not have a single scratch on it. I took it outside, looked at it under all sorts of light. It was pristine. The only thing I put a protector on was the back.

    However, it sounds like the 5th generation is a scratch shelter. :(
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    Any case that doesn't allow function of the ipod is worthless. You might as well use a sock for your ipod, it protects it better.
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    Not necessarly. The sleeve that comes with the 5G is nice when you're listening to your iPod but don't need to access it, like in the car. I'll just put my iPod in the sleeve and then put it away while I drive, and know that it'll be protected from scratches as it slides around in the car :)
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    I know, when I first got my new ipod, I was expecting a good case for it, like back when the 3G ipods came out, but now I only get this little sleeve...

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