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Any plans on a price drop or capacity increase for iPod classic?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by EvilTrovis, Jul 9, 2012.

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    I've been debating buying an iPod classic but they've been at their price and capacity point for a few years now. I can afford it, that's not a problem, but if there were any rumors/plans/etc. to either drop price or increase capacity (or a new generation for that matter) then I'd rather hold off.
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    Nope... there's been crickets for years. I'd be surprised if Apple didn't address it before year's end, though (or at least discontinue it).
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    nope, unfortunately. I thought about getting a new one but with increased capacity would be great but Apple is silent.
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    hope you bought it; they increased iPod classic's prices, storage remains the same
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    If you're still into the iPod classic, just be glad you can still buy it. I can't believe it's still for sale. I'm guessing next year Apple will find a way to crank out a 128GB iPod touch and then officially kill the classic. I honestly can't even find a compelling reason to want one since the ONLY benefit is the extreme storage space. You buy an iPod touch and you get access to the App Store, touch-based controls, a camera and Bluetooth.
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    Ya with cloud storage these days, you can get easy access to a large library.
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    3 Years since an update.


    Very sad indeed.
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    Wish they would do something with it. The click wheel would be perfect for pocket or clip use while jogging so I wouldn't have to stop and stare at my phone if I wanted to navigate songs. I'd get the shuffle but even some of my playlists are larger than it's total storage lol
  9. Cordless_Drill, Sep 13, 2012
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    Here's why I use an iPod Classic and not a Touch:

    I enjoy scrubbing through songs. I like to listen to specific transitions and portions of a song again and again in some cases. That's my pleasure. Try making repeated scrubs with a Touch. Also, simply getting to a friggin menu on a Touch is aggravating if you're doing something else ... jogging, lifting weights, driving. Classic? Clickwheel, baby.

    If Apple discontinues the Classic, I'll buy two just to make sure I have a spare ready.
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    Riiight. Less secure, cant connect everywhere, speed is slower than local storage, you have to 'rent' space instead of owning it, throttling, monthly limits... am I missing anything else? Cloud is not a solution for storage but rather a service for storing back ups.
  11. pimentoLoaf, Sep 14, 2012
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    750gb drive with a 32gb SSD as a cache, and an iPod Nano screen. (The best of both worlds. :cool: )
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    Yes, the loud lamentations when a major solar flare hits, and no one can access their content for 3 days ;)
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    And this is why I don't use iCloud. If it was free and I knew that my cell provider wouldn't hit me with data overage charges I would use it, but it seems like they are moving more and more to limit my data which is to bad for cloud serves plus I get crapy serves where I live and thats across the board with all major providers. So having local storage is a better solution for me.
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    I also prefer local storage because I ride the subway like millions of other folks around the world. What good is the cloud then? I also like to do roadtrips where there is no cell service - like on an interstate or overseas.

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