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any resellers that don't collect NY sales tax?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by alent1234, Oct 7, 2011.

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    looking to surprise my wife with a MBA on x-mas and wanted to save some cash. mac mall and mac connection both collect sales tax now.
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    Amazon charges sales tax in NY. The only one I'm aware of (authorized reseller) that doesn't is ABT. www.abt.com

    From their FAQ

    How much is the sales tax at Abt?
    We do not charge sales tax on any item ordered to customers outside our normal truck delivery service area. If you live within Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana or Michigan, you will incur taxes at a rate listed below. Our shopping cart automatically calculates taxes during the checkout process.

    -Illinois- 9.25%

    -Wisconsin- county sales tax determined by delivery point (5%-6.1%)

    -Indiana- 7%

    -Michigan- 6%

    No sales tax is billed outside of these states.
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    PowerMax.com does not. At least when I purchased my 2x
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    Hmm really? I thought all online purchases were required to be taxed now. Also, sorry if it's a dumb question but what's a "2x"?

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