Any reviews for Remanum?

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    don't wanna tell
    Just saw this from:
    Currently my PC can’t download any new game and I am so bored of constantly attacking people in mmos. Aftering knowing that it is a F2P browser strategy MMO, the core gameplay of which lies in trading goods and engaging in various political machinations in the Roman Empire, I am considering to give it a shot.

    Has anyone here played this game? Any first hand review will be appreciated.

    Does anyone wanna help me? Thanks!
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    We're always skeptical of newbie posts to just launched games that read like advertisements.

    I tell you what, you play it and get back to us..... ;)
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    Well, i just look for help.
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    Remanum is centered upon the production and trading of various goods which fall under such categories as Raw Materials (Clay, Lumber, Coal), Building Materials (Beams, Statues, Stone, etc) Commodities, (Lamps, Dishware, Amphorae) Luxuries (Dyes, Gold, Goblets, etc) Textiles (Flax, Linen, Coats, etc) Equipment (Carts, Weapons, Tools, etc) and Food (Wheat, Fish Sauce, Grapes, etc).

    Each of these items, and each category has a special niche which a player must cleverly exploit to gain reputation within their city and the world. There are several methods of gaining reputation. There are Feasts, in which you donate large quantities of certain goods to gain reputation according to how large your feast is, donations, in which you donate materials toward the upgrade of a building in exchange for reputation, and a standard amount which you gain each day from a building, which you start out with and can improve as you progress through the game.

    The game is very player trade oriented, although there is an option to sell your goods to the NPC's at the Emporium, which is arguably the most important building in the game as it assures you as steady set of income. You can also sell goods to players at the Auction House, or AH as it is known in game. You list them there, and players have an oppurtunity to bid on the item for 24 hours, when it is then sold. There is also an option to set a "Buyout" price, or price which a player can choose to pay to win the auction automatically.

    Politics..... This is an area which desperately needs improvement. Although you cannot run for the same office two weeks in a row, it is still very difficult to hold a position if you have not yet before been elected, as the same people run week after week, and get elected week after week also.

    Overall though, the game is extremely fun once you get started and start playing and trading with a group of people consistantly.

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