Any solutions for carrying keyboard and iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MacAddiction, May 26, 2010.

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    I've been trying to find a solution for carrying the iPad, an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and maybe a couple of other items. I'm trying to avoid carrying my Macbook Pro around Manhattan. I've been using a TUMI laptop bag but it seems like I could now downsize.

    I bought a cheap iPad case for now, waiting for the ultimate case to emerge. Any ideas on keyboard protection for transporting? Any solutions for both iPad and keyboard?

    Thanks for the advice.

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    I have the Incase Travel kit, which says on the Apple page is discontinued, but you can still buy it. I got mine from an Apple store this weekend.




    A cheaper solution is one I got from an earlier thread. Hit an Army/Navy store, get one of the bags there.


    I got that one off a 50% of table, it was originally $17 I think.
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    Great advice all around! Does the apple case have a shoulder strap? I couldn't really make it out in any of the pictures.
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    No the Incase Travel Kit just has a carry handle. When I use it I throw it in sling bag for longer distances.
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    I own the Incase Travel Kit Plus as well and love it. The one thing to consider is that if your iPad has a case on it then it won't fit unless your case is real slim. It'll fit with the Apple case but it's real tight. Something like the Belkin Grip Vue would fit no problem. I'm pretty sure the Maclly BookStand or XGear Folio would fit but I don't have either to test with.
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    Mine was real tight until I pulled out the foam piece at the bottom. Now it fits nice :)
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    Now the decision becomes even more difficult. I love that Muzetto from sf bags but $179 is a bit steep......although I'm not opposed to paying for quality. For my purposes, the InCase would need to be put into a larger bag with a strap to lug around the city, but it does solve the keyboard protection issue. Almost ready to take the bag plunge.
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    Thanks for all the help Jay (and others). I appreciate all the advice, pictures and links. I think I'm going to look for a "skin" type protection for my iPad. The military bag is terrific.
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    Love the Weyland-Yutani wallpaper. Nice nod to Aliens/Predator mythos.
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    Ideally, one of these companies will make an iPad case that will have a bluetooth keyboard incorporated into the case negating the need to even carry around an additional accessory. I'm imagine an apple style case where the flap has a keyboard built in on the inside. Would be the best case IMO.
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    Swiss Army Legacy 10.2" Double Slimcase

    Found this one today over at Best Buy (don't laugh, had a gift card I needed to use up). It has two zippered compartments. The front one isn't padded, but is good for the keyboard. The back pocket is padded. Comes with a strap, though it has the hard composite plastic rings and clips.

    There is also a velcro pocket and another open pocket on the front and back for small items. I paid $35.

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