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Any Warcraft III players here?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Chone, Mar 25, 2007.

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    I've owned Warcraft since it was first released but stop playing ladder games a long time ago, recently I started playing again and I'm having a blast and I thought it might be cool to play a few games (maybe some AT) with some macrumor users, maybe even go as far as to create a MR clan :p heh anyways

    Anyone a Warcraft 3 player here?
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    Yep. I play WC 3. A MR Clan sounds like an awesome idea!

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    Ja Di ksw

    Yeah, I love WC3. Unfortunately, for a short while I played far too much and wasn't getting enough work done. After that I decided to store the cd at another house to prevent me from picking it up randomly and wasting 3 hours on it when I should be working.

    Now I have jsettlers to help me do that.
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    I just finished playing a game, actually. I play the expansion pack, which I assume everyone does but do you just play regular WC3? I'll do an AT with you and anyone else who wants to... Also I'd love to play some tournament games if anyone's interested, because I've never played a tournament game before...

    Also - jsettlers - is that a computer version of Settlers of Catan for Mac? If so, link?
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    Ja Di ksw

    My guess is most people are playing the expansion pack now, not just the first one.

    Yeah, that's exactly what it is. Just go to jsettlers.com The "j" is for java.
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    If you want to get a group or clan together, PM me to let me know!
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    I play warcraft III, on occasion
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    We really should create a clan, tournaments are really fun. And yes I do play Frozen Throne.

    What servers do you play on? I play on US East but I also have a Euro account.
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    I play on Azeroth (US East) primarily, even though I'm in Colorado.
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    yeah i play TFT...im on useast pm me sometime...screen names gsalzer
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    I play WarCraft III on Azeroth (US East)-even though I'm in Australia.
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    Well looks like we have enough people to start gaming away :) anyone interested PM me so we can create a clan and add each other to our friend lists.

    I'm off to sleep now but I'll check this topic sometime tomorrow.

    By the way I am Piuc2020 on US East and Chone on Europe.
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    I only play @ school, and only lan with my friends on the school network
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    I started playing again after a long pause... Long ago, me and my friends were ranked 573rd in arranged team in the Europe server.

    If you want players, pm me. I play frozen throne on the european server.. It's more balanced than the original one, plus, it's easier to find games for it.
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    RoC has never been fully balanced, so if you go up against experienced players, you will get your butt handed to you because of the imbalances each race possess. Of course, there are counters, but when you play 1v1 ranked ladder games, there are only like 8 maps and you know them so well, that after awhile its second nature some strats...

    FT on the other hand leaves a bit more wiggling room for good tactics and off the cuff decisions, plus it where all the good custom maps (DotA) are.

    Also, the players on RoC, vs FT, are alot meaner and shiiiite-talking.

    Up until the last ladder reset a few months ago, i was ranked 40 or so in 1v1 RoC. Now, I play FT DotA too much.
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    PM sent Chone. Also, I play US East as CarpeGuitarrem.

    EDIT: I now also have a Euro account under the name Take13Prod
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    I already added NickD and aafuss to my friends list, we should decide on a name and abbreviation for the clan.
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    The Might Disciples of Apple
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    It is MOST important to have the 4 letter abbrev. be the best part of the clan name.
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    Yeah, I play TFT... way too much.
    I definitely prefer it over homework to say the least..

    573rd in arrange team? :p I'm rank 27th with my friend in 2's. :D I play on US East and my name is Triple.Triple... add me or something and we can play a few games.

    Can't wait until I get my MBP do to some even more serious owning of noobs... 'cause with a 933 MHz iBook, let's just say I've seen my FPS counter hit 0.8. In 80 vs 80 food battles though, its about 9 fps. Definitely frustrating - and there is lag between hot keys. :(

    MBP's... be released SOON!
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    You know, MacRumors had a WarCraft 3 clan a long time ago. Clan G5 with the tag [G5]. We joined up with a "Team G5" that played UT 2004 clan and it became a UT and WC3 clan. It ended up having little or no active members and died a year later or so. I'm currently in a clan I'm happy with so I don't think I will leave it for the new clan you guys create. Sorry, although I could be in it with an aka.

    PM me or something. I'll also be willing to possibly help you guys if you need tips or lessons in ladder.

    Edit: and definitely do NOT make it "The Might Disciples of Apple"

    MacRumors Craft is better than that lol
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    So everyone plays on USEast, and I'm the only one on West. If you guys are actually serious about this I'll make an East account. Have you guys played at all? Is it for real?
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    I play LAN games pretty often. My friend got on my Battle.net account the other day though (first time ever logged into it) and granted me 6 losses :rolleyes:
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    Yeah, ladder is a lot different from campaign and custom games.
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    I've only played 1 ladder game myself, but have watched (literally) hundreds more on top of that, so I'm pretty familiar with the style.


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