Any word on New iPod shuffles?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Eldiablojoe, Oct 10, 2012.

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    I'm waiting for the new iPod shuffle, any word or rumor on their release yet?
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    Jessica Lares

    They're already out. they just come in the updated colors.
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    Duh, I bought mine two weeks ago :rolleyes:

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    Huh. I bought mine like Sept 27 to take to Hawaii for a friend (No Apple store on his island). They said the new ones were due to be released sometime in October. It hasn't been opened and I want him to be able to mail-exchange it for a new one (because the new ones come with the color he wants, and with ear pods instead of ear buds).

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    The shuffle doesn't come with EarPods.
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    I'd like to see a "real" photo of the new ipods.
    And if they really need itunes 10.7 as the requirements say...
    I'd like a yellow one...
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    This might help you:
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    So...mine isn't real?? What do you mean?
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    it is but it only thre red one,I would like to see all the colours :p
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    Ah, ok sorry ;)
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    The US Apple Store guy said the new ones did. The question was why would anyone buy the pods by themselves for $50 when for that same $50 you could buy the new shuffle with ear pods. A free shuffle essentially :)
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    Orange Furball

    Because they're $30....
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    Lol, I guess that would make a lot more sense. See what I get for listening to an Apple store salesman instead of just looking it up on the Apple site myself.:p
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    But the original earphones are $30 too, but still the EarPods are more expensive to make.
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    The new shuffles DO NOT come with the new ear pods. I bought two of them yesterday (one pink, one black) and they both came with the older era buds.

    PS: This might be the best pink apple has put out , it's not a gaudy girly pink, but a more subdued almost rose color
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    For those that have seen the new shuffle colors in person, is that pic above accurate? Is the blue as bright as it is in that pic or is it more muted?
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    It is more muted than that pic indicates. I was at the Apple Store earlier today and looked at all of the new iPods in person. The red is actually a bit brighter than that pic indicates as well.
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    I decided to buy the purple shuffle for times when I don't want to listen to Pandora at the gym. The purple looks more pinkish than purple to me though but I love pink so its great. I used it last night and thought it was great. I'm already bumping up to the 2GB limit though.
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    Just my two cents, the yellow isn't very nice. Kinda greenish, a bit lurid. All the others are very nice however. I'd recommend trying to take a look in person first.
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    Thank you!

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