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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by BrioBriss, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Sorry to post here, but I was looking around and didn't found any FT/WTB place in the forum. If it's have one, I'd highly appreciate it! Just let me know.

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    Our Marketplace is only available/visible to long(er) term members per the FAQ.

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    Alright, thanks for reply here. 250 posts is pretty high. 6 mounths is pretty long too. That's sad since I follow that website since a pretty long time but didn't had a forum account.

    There is relly no other way to get access to the marketplace? I really need as soon as possible one or two 30" Apple Display in like new/new condition and it seems to be a pain to find nowdays.
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    I'm OK with 250 posts, but 6 months.. I might have a slight conflict of interest though... ;)
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    Yea, agree with that. Dunno why it's that long, I mean IMO anyone who show a good feedback here after some weeks might be allowed to this thread.
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    I can understand it. They used to have different rules, but had issues with scammers.
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    Ok, I see. Well with Paypal I guess it's safe anyway.
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    Jessica Lares

    No it isn't. PayPal is OKAY, and it helps when you're a buyer, but it doesn't protect sellers, no matter how much they tell you.

    Especially when a lot of people here are dealing with $500+ items, it can be very risky.

    Anyway, there is a huge/long thread in the feedback area about this very topic.
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    Yea, I see, I can understand about the sellers though.
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    If you spend any time here and post, 250 post is not that hard to achieve.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    It is a small, user2user marketplace, like the market in your town.

    This is a start:
    ...if you are in the U.S.

    Before you buy the Apple display, i recommend, that you read some reviews of non-Apple displays:
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    It wasn't just scammers. It was thread-bumpers, squabbles, inappropriate items for sale and people posting in sale threads giving their opinion on prices or pimping their own sales... you name it. The place was a mess.

    If I remember rightly, the bottom was reached when someone tried (seriously) to sell a half bottle of used men's cologne.
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    What if you only needed a half-bottle? That would have been great!
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    Selling buying restriction

    Alright, as I'm hardly looking for a Apple display 30", I'd highly like to being able to post in the WTB/FS thread but I can't due to some restrictions here. Actually, I really understand the reasons why it's have a restriction to new members. Though, I think the post limit of 250 and the 6 mounth limit is a little exagerate. I'd put this limit lower to 100/150 posts and maybe 2 mounths. A lot of website require nothing to post in the WTB/FS topics, and the highest post number I already saw is 50, which is actually reasonable when you start to be a part of a community.

    Well this is my thoughts/opinion. If you have reasons why the limit is so high, feel free to explain me, but actuall the limit I proposed, is kinda decent IMO.
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    There were problems when the limit was lower and did not have the 180-day length of membership requirement, which is why it is what it is.
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    Damn, I'm surprised this limit have to be that high to block the trouble makers.
  17. SandboxGeneral, Feb 6, 2013
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    The rules for the Marketplace are well established and work very well for the forum. This subject is brought up many times and the rules/requirements remain; they're not going to change.

    The Marketplace is a perk, a benefit to established members and not the main reason for the forums existence.

    The best way to gain access is to make quality, cordial posts and participate in the forums and wait the six months. It's not difficult to make 250 quality posts in that amount of time.

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    Yea, sure in 6 mounth it isn't hard :) But yea in the case I need something before I finish school, it's different here. But yea, I understand your points, and I guess it's now more stable now so I can't argue more about it :)
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    That's the thing; people don't come here to buy and sell stuff ... they come here for the news, help and discussion. During the course of that, if they want to buy or sell something, there is a place for that.
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    Well actually I first came to this site for about 2 years to check the news/rumors about Apple. Then I recently wanted to upgrade my graphic card for work and created an acount on the forum to learn more about it. And yea, now I'm at the point that I'm looking to buy something so I thought this site would being able to help me. I didn't came first to buy something here.
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    I wasn't trying to imply that's why you came here, just commenting on the general nature of the forum.

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