Anybody else get the iPod market research e-mail?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by RumMunkey, Dec 14, 2007.

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    Got this from Apple this morning...


    I was intrigued by the number of questions relating to iPod touch and what are we happy with / not happy with / and what would you like to see added.
  2. SXR
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    I didnt get it , but I really want it! Maybe I will get this sometime soon.
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    Yep, I got that one. Only thing I really had a problem with is the policy about new 'chipped' peripherals, which of course are extremely overpriced for what they do.
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    I did - I wonder if they'll listen.

    What did you all put for the "If you could add one piece of software/application, what would it be?"

    I said Preview to view word docs, acrobat files etc.

    What about you??
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    I asked for notes that sync with Mail's notes.
  6. SXR
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    Huh? I have the right email address on file , but why didn't i get such an email?

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