Anybody Ever Play Pirates?

Discussion in 'Games' started by pgwalsh, Aug 6, 2002.

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    Pirates was an old game on the mac. I had that on my Mac plus along with RoboSport and a few others. I wish they'd revamp those games and bring them back.

    Velocity Overdrive is pretty cool though. Most of you probably think it's boring as hell.
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    No I never played priates. By Velocity Overdrive I'm assuming that you mean Escape Velocity Overdrive and yes I have played that game. It rocked!
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    I'm assuming that you both mean Escape Velocity Override ;)
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    LOL! Right he confused me, but yes, that's what I ment! LOL!:D
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    Well I'm glad I could confuse someone. I heard EVO is still around and you can download it. I doubt it will make it to OS X, but you never know. I thought it was fun. Would make an interesting game if you could network on the web and randomly run into other players (ie anyone could join).
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    While we're on the topic of the EV series here are the links to get them:
    EV: Nova
    EV: Override
    The download links are on the top right area of each page.
    Nova is cool and the other two are classics!
    Yes that would be fun! I have tought about that alot, but nobody at ambrosia seems to think the same as we do...
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    So I take it you've emailed them and didn't get much of a response? Too bad. That would make it a great game.
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    No I haven't, but I know people on the EV: Nova forums that have talked to ambrosia in some way...come to think of it I never heard a word on the forums from those guys again:eek:...
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    that's why you keep you Classic or SE

    I've played Pirates (still do) and Robosport (still do) and Beyond dark castle!!!! IT ROCKS!!!!!

    I've got my new flat-anel imac for wokring (you know email, word processing etc) and my Macintosh SE 8 Mhz (aka The Beast) as my Gaming machine!!!!
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    Re: that's why you keep you Classic or SE

    Those games do rock! Now I'm jealous cause I no longer have pirates. However, the friend that I gave the disks, book, and map to may still have it. RoboSport was a lot of fun. I always wanted to play it over an AppleTalk network.

    Don't you thin they should brings those games back in full color (robosport was) and enhance the graphics etc. It was fun going around having ship battles and then invading and plundering towns; capturing the silver train and the treasure fleet. Then surviving mutiny and getting rewarded and trying to marry the governor's daughter. Ha!

    Coming up next, RoboSort! Sponsored by the Maxis Foundation.

    I'm not familiar with beyond dark castle, but I'm sure it was fun.
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    Re: Re: that's why you keep you Classic or SE

    Go to and type in dark castle it's a remake color version of the original! There also doing a remake of Beyond dark castle and making a new one return to dark castle but none of them have been released!

    Pirates was redone with it's graphics and stuff (pirates gold) I've got it for my G3... it's a bit unstable but it runs!!! oh and the ship battles are really hard because the processors to fast so it's pretty unconrollable!!!.

    But If you want it I could send it to you (it's probably abandonware by now!)
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    Pirates was my fav back in the old days

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