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Anybody got some pointers on replacing HDD in an iBook G3?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by AtariWhizKid, Nov 27, 2005.

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    So I picked up a Seagate Momentus 60GB internal notebook drive with the intention of putting it into my 500 mhz G3 white iBook (Tiger). I opened the box and there was the drive and one piece of paper saying "Don't install this yourself." Well, I wanna do it. This is one repair I haven't done and don't want to botch.

    SO, I have a couple questions for the forum. Here they are:

    1. Will this drive fit into my iBook?
    2. If so, can anyone point me in the direction of a site that will really explain how to install the drive, format it, and get everything rolling for me? I have all the tools I need (screwdrivers, torx, etc.), but I need the instructions.
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    This is considerably easier than opening a Clamshell iBook, I swear everytime I open that thing I'm left over with more parts *sigh* :(

    Just take it slow, don't lose any pieces, and good luck! :)
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    will I be able to format the drive after I install it, or should I do that first? I've got nothing on my comp currently of any value, so losing information would not be a problem for me.
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    If you install the drive in your iBook just startup from a Mac OS X disc, before installing you can go to a menu and select Disk Utility, this will allow you to format the disk however you like :D
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    Dont be so sure of this.....

    I recently disassembled a clamshell, and had to go to 2 hobby shops to find the Star-type screwdrivers small enough. On thing 4 sure, the HD was buried under alot of other stuff, and had an as*load of screws holding it in place :)
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    thnx for all the help, guys! i feel confident enough to do this now :D
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    I've replaced the hard drive in a G3 ibook. It's not that hard but you have to be careful and take your time. I'd recommend the pbfixit guides (and screw sheets). There are a lot of different sized screw and you need a way of remembering what you took from where.

    Oh and be very carefull pulling off the top cover - there's a lot of stuff attached to it that you need to disconnect when it's half off.
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    Thanks again for all the help for my HDD swap-out! :) I got the drive installed just fine...I found out in the process why my trackpad is broken (the whole piece that the ribbon goes into is not even attached to the board.) and for some reason, certain keys on my keyboard won't work now. Anybody know what's up with that??:confused:
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    :D Never mind, problem solved.

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