Anybody have the G5 Jive?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacTruck, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Wanting to put more HDs in my G5 and saw the G5 Jive from Sonnet but was wondering if it constricted air flow in the case since it sits in front of the 2 cpu intake fans. Anybody got one of these? Does it make the temps go up? Fans rev louder?

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    I wouldn't put that thing in front of my fans.

    FW800 is just about as quick as an SATA HDD - close enough anyway.

    If you can hide it away (noisy) the 1TB Lacie is going for 799.00 these days...
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    also remember that with a simple pci card, you can have external SATA ports, of which there are any number of external drives, or drive bays to plug in, and the performance of that would be no different then SATA inside your case. I would recommend that or a FW800 drive over blocking your fans.
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    Blocking the fans was my biggest fear but I am dying for HD space and already have 3 external drives so I ordered the Jive. When I install it I will give a report on fan speeds and heat. I do video work and have filled up 1.5tb already, need another TB and this is the cheapest solution. Besides I have like 14 power adapters plugged into my outlet already and getting more external drives would make it alot worse. NEED INTERNAL STORAGE.
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    i'd check out some stuff here before blocking your fans:

    they have fw/usb/sata enclosures that can hold 1, 2, 4, 5, or even 8 drives, all on 1 power supply, and most have the ability to do a RAID...

    you could just pop all your external drives out of their enclosures, throw them in one of those, and maybe put a few more in.
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    From a review from a different, but similar, product

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