Anyone bought a very expensive iPad case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by agkm800, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Or received as a gift?

    Can you recommend it to others?
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    I just bought an Otterbox, Commuter case. I should receive it tomorrow.

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    This thread should be in "Accessories"
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    Can't imagine a $200 case protects any better than a $50 case. And even $50 cases can have looks.
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    i bought the apple case. 40$ for a flap is expensive to me. I like it because it lets me prop the device up. I would only pay top dollar or more for a case if it had utility. There is no difference between an expensive sleeve and a cheap incase sleeve. Both protect the device the same.
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    Wow, thats a beautiful case, what did you pay for that?

    Is that the back or is that a cover for the front. If its a cover for the front that would be outstanding...

    Looking at that again I realized it is the front if thats the volume control at top right. Very nice. Where does one find such treasures as these, matey?

    Ah, never mind, I found it! Duh!!!
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    BTW: I purchased 2 of the Apple cases for $40 (each of course) because I wanted something to cover the front & tilt at different angles.
    Then I found this very inexpensive contraption that will allow the iPad to tilt at varying degrees in portrait or landscape.
    Looks like a good cheap alternative for using the keyboard I also got from Apple & for watching movies.

    As far as a case, I have this version as my iPhone for work & its saved my *ss more than once so Im considering the iPad version...
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    Yeah, no question it's very expensive. It's a limited edition and though it protects no better than a cheaper alternative I fell in love with it on sight, and was able to justify the added expense because I liked it so much. With shipping it was $220.

    It's kind of a clamshell idea. The back is where you nestle the ipad. The sucker is never coming out of there. The top that you see kinda clamps onto the bottom. It's an interesting system.
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    I've had the Oberon Design cover for my Kindle DX, specifically the brown one in the pic above. They were fantastic! Such a great quality item. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
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    Check out the Yoobao V2 and V3. There's a long-running thread about them here.

    The V3 is the first case I've tried that beats the Apple one for functionality.
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    I bought this one from Piel Frama

    With the matching Iphone 4 case


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    Piel Frama

    I love these

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    +1 for the piel frama

    I luuuurve mine and I think its worth the money

    although I prefer mine with the magnetic closure rather than the flip over clasp
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    Why anyone prefers cases that cover the bezel (that trap dust and other particles) remains a mystery to me.:confused:
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    First glance of the Oberon looks awesome but watching the video, it looks super flimsy, way too much so for me :( I would have liked if they would have reinforced the leather with some kind of rigid material to give the front and back flap structure. I also do not like the way the iPad is held in place.

    I love their imbossed patters though yet I would like for them to have more choices of color.
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    That was my main criteria too. I really like to have as much of the bezel uncovered as possible. Vaja has a few that are OK, as is the SGP. One of my favorites (I am using it at the moment) is this one:
    Noreve There is a thread on this with photos too. Just notice that the current design has a stand for landscape view that the original design did not have.
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    I just bought the SGP Vintage case - $72.99 + shipping. Really, really like it so far. Beautiful leather, well-made, fits the iPad perfectly, slim and doesn't add a lot of weight.

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    Yoobao V3, FTW.

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    The oberons may look flimsy, but they are very rugged. There were 3 layers of heavy leather on the front and back on my Kindle case. The ipad sits in there very safely (You can shake the case and the ipad is secure) and there is enough leather border around the edges that in a drop the ipad itself will never touch the floor.

    I'm quite sure you'd be very pleased with the quality if you got one. I'd own one again in a second had I not liked the look of the vaja so much.
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    where did you find that case.
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