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Anyone brave enough yet to load Lion on 2011 MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by 1BadMac, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Thinking of loading the developer preview. Supposedly it has the necessary drivers to support the new models. I guess that's what time machine is for, right? :)

    Anyone that has done it - chime in!
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    if i had it i would
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    i am assuming you have a pirated version, or otherwise you wouldn't be asking this. Funny thing is that I looked on demonoid and it leaked today...

    I will wait and get it when it is released for like $59 or whatever they charge
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    With developer debug code in it, it is almost guaranteed to be slower than 10.6... but if you want to, why not?
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    I have it running on a separate partition - it works great! It's slower than 10.6, but only marginally (such as in boot up, but not in actual common use). Works great on the new Pros.
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    I have downloaded it from dev center but read through some of the caveats on another site listing quite a few "bugs" making the interface hard to deal with (multitouch gestures only working up to two fingers, etc...)

    If you have an aftermarket SSD - can you confirm if TRIM is now enabled?
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    neko girl

    TRIM is not enabled on non-Apple SSDs from what I've read..
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    i would use a spare hard drive i had lying around, i wouldn't put it on the hard drive it came with.
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    Any tips on getting this to work w/ the new MBP?

    I have the new 17" and when I run the installer I get the following: Mac OS X 10.7 cannot be installed on this computer. I had heard it was not supported but as you have it working I'd love to know how :)
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    Apple doesn't make SSDs, so all SSDs are non-Apple SSDs. TRIM is supported in Lion.
  11. handheldgames, Mar 3, 2011
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    Apple branded... You know... The ones that ship from... Apple - that have the apple logo on them... Known to be manufactured by Samsung & Toshiba... They Show up as an "Apple Drive" in System Profiler.

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    They're not "Apple branded". They're Samsung or Toshiba branded. Apple simply sells them, just like they do with RAM. (Please use TIMG tags for oversized images).
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    They *are* Apple branded. If you pull up the system profiler it says APPLE SSD. They did not manufacture the ssd, but they did have them made with their name in the low level manufacturer info. So since they can pull that, it appears like they are selectively enabling TRIM based on if the drive is OEM or not, at least in this version of the 10.7 beta.
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    Yes, exactly. They certainly are Apple branded and as far as I know, no other drives have gotten TRIM support in Lion.
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    Apple ssd.
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    At the very best, they're co-branded. If they were Apple branded, they wouldn't also have Samsung or Toshiba on them. My original statement remains accurate, "Apple doesn't make SSDs, so all SSDs are non-Apple SSDs." Those SSDs are manufactured by Samsung or Toshiba. Apple simply puts a sticker on them and calls them Apple SSDs, but they did not make them.
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    This is true. The TRIM support likely comes only for those for one of two possible reasons:
    1. Apple only bothered building in support so far for SSDs they supply in their machines.
    2. They have their own tweaked firmware for optimization in OS X, so support for TRIM in the SSDs is as easy as supporting firmware they have their hands on already.
  18. mrblack927, Mar 4, 2011
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    No one here is claiming that apple manufactures them. As I and many others have said, Apple doesn't make them but they do brand them. "putting a sticker on them and calling them Apple SSDs" is the definition of branding them! In addition, they also have custom hardware and vendor IDs from the factory, that's why they show up as "Apple SSD" in the system profiler. If you bought a samsung SSD and an apple SSD, they might be functionally identical, but the difference is one is branded samsung and the other is branded apple. It has nothing to do with who makes it. It could have been developed/researched/built by a collaboration of 10 different companies, the "brand" is the name that is slapped on it in the end.
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    back on topic...how do i load Lion on a new Macbook Pro? I get the cannot be installed on this computer error...

    Keep in mind i dont own any external hardrive or firewire. Thanks!
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    This build of Lion is not supported on the new (February 2011) macbook pros. The sandy bridge processors they use are brand new and the OSX kernel needs to be updated to support them. Apple made a specially patched version of 10.6.6 so that they could ship them with something that works, but no other version of OSX supports sandy bridge yet. That includes 10.7b1. The next beta release will likely support it. You will have to wait until then.

    Of course, you could have read about this in the Apple Developer Forums or the official release notes... assuming you're not pirating this. ;)
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    Thanks for the info. I had read on the dev forum about people finding a work around but no other info so i thought i would test the knowledge over here. Guess ill just have to wait...
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    Sorry for my belated response. The way I got it working was to use a 2010 MacBook Pro in the process. I fresh installed Snow Leopard on my Mid-2010 15" then upgraded to 10.7 Lion. Then, on the new 2011 machine, I swapped the Lion-containing hard drive into it. Then, using another had drive I had Snow Leopard on (having performed the installation on my 2011 model), installing it in in the Mid-2010, I booted the 2010 into target disk mode, then I simply transferred the contents of /system/library over to my 2011 that had Lion on it (using disk utility on the restore disc that came with my 2011).

    At that point, I simply repaired permissions on the Lion-containing drive, and was able to boot into Lion.

    It's a convoluted process, but it DOES work.
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    It may be just me, but I cannot confirm this. I tried pretty much exactly the same, but it fails to work. I'm stuck at the gray Apple logo, with nothing more happening. Gonna try booting into verbose mode as soon as I get home.
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    Apple also doesn't make phones... so I guess the iPhone should be called the SamsungPhone? Or FoxconnPhone?
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    This is a dimwitted thing to say. Apple doesn't design their own SSD's, nor does it produce them, nor does it arrange for their production. Apple simply buys the SSD's and installs them.

    Apple does, however, design all aspects of the iPhone. They don't design each individual component, but they do arrange them in a unique way, order them, and cause them to be implemented.

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