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Anyone Changing From Apple to ZUNE?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Brayden87, Nov 16, 2006.

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    Hey guys, after some research.

    I am very keen in buying the new Zune when it comes to Aus.
    It looks BIG tho, fatter then the old 40GB Photos.

    But really its only for a few more things then ipod.

    Anyone else thinking about changing?

    I might give it a try!

    :) :) :) :)
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    In a word, sacrilege.
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    Satan will be skating to work before I swap my iPod for a Zune :p
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    Erm, have you missed all the shockingly, but not surprisingly, bad reviews it's been getting?

    And have you noticed this is Macrumors too?
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    Nope, too big, too ugly, no mac compatibility, wireless feature useless, can't use device as external hdd. Doesn't offer anything useful over the ipod, but has some severe negatives.

    Truth is, why would a person even contemplate switching to a zune, especially when theres the supposed true video ipod on the horizon.
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    Why would you? It's the same price, there's less content available (currently NO video content), it's fatter, it's not Mac compatible in any way, the software sucks, and there's absolutely no accessory support.
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    Good points, it was just an idea because i am sick of my Nano 8gb screwing up with freezing, not turning off, having to reset it ect.

    I may just upgrade to a Video 30gb then if it makes you guys happy. It will be my 5th ipod then.

    :) Thanks guys and I LOVE APPLE
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    At first I was thinking I might, but not really now. The more I read about it, the less appealing it is.
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    It's a version 1.0 product from Microsoft, so I was expecting it to be rubbish. I hope for their sake they haven't really made the rumoured 4 million units for the US market this Christmas. They'll be having to give Zunes away in Corn Flakes to get those numbers shifted.

    I expect the Zune model this time next year will be much better, but then so will next year's iPod. We will see.....
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    Lucky for him, he's talking about an iPod, not a mac.

    Oh, wait.. community discussion. that's right.. he can talk about XP too. wait, can he? yeah he can.. or zune on Vista on an iMac if he so chooses to.

    Yeah, to the OP, I was actually thinking about it. Evidently you can find it for what amounts to $175 in some places. I would consider trading in a 10 gig 3rd gen iPod for a 30 gig Zune that's customizable and feels solid in my hands.

    But then again, I'm just a poor college student so I probably won't be able to afford it.. but if any M$ reps are reading this, put a zune in my hands and you'll have the best viral marketing (assuming the zune can hold it's own!)
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    Hahahaha no. My 3G iPod still rocks and I have no desire to get a Zune. :cool:
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    How could I when the damn company doesn't support my computer?
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    Oh good lord no.

    And the Zune isn't due to arrive in Aus until "sometime" next year. In fact, if it fails spectacularly in the US we might be waiting a lot longer for MS's brown boat anchor to arrive.

    Meanwhile, the first accessory designed to keep the Zune in top nick has been released:
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    Heh heh - never even thought of that one - very good point! :D
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    I would never use a Zune. If you want to get one though go ahead, just make sure that you have a PC to use it with.
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    I already switched...

    I already did switch! I ate some bad Mexican food yesterday, and let's just say I didn't QUITE make it to the restroom. I was expecting, when I got there, to find some SERIOUS skid marks, and who knows what kind of mess.

    But when I got my pants pulled down, wouldn't you know it! A brand new shiny ZUNE! (Minus the zip-lock bag it comes in).

    So hey, since it was free...
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    I heard it doesn't even support their own system!
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    Not being supported on Vista, is without doubt my favourite Zune feature! ;)
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    Ironically the Zune is the sign of Doom.

    I wouldn't consider it... the only other non-Apple mp3 players I have is Sandisk and Creative and both are miles ahead than the Zune I fiddled round with a few days ago at NYC MegaVirgin.
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    no way bro. zune is a dog.

    gluck finding anyone with a zune to "trade" with.

    and it's not like apple can't respond with more functions.
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    If the Zune software is ported to OS X

    ...only then can I even consider it. I'm still waiting for Microsoft, Real, Napster, or anyone else to provide a music subscription service that's OS X compatible. I'm a huge fan of the music subscription model - so that might get me to switch in the future.

    But probably not with this model of Zune. It's just too big and clunky. Let's see what future generations of the Zune look like.
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    But the question is why subscription? Renting music isn't very smart.
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    Let's not start this argument again. Horses for courses - people have different needs and ideas as to how they want to interact with their music. If the guy wants to rent his music then let him.
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    Let me count the reasons I won't be swapping my iPod in on a Zune...

    1. Zune has no Mac compatibility (and somewhat limited Windows compatibility to boot)
    2. Zune doesn't function as an external HD
    3. Zune doesn't do games
    4. Zune doesn't have Calendar/To-Do/Contacts/World Clock functionality, etc.
    5. Zune doesn't support lossless audio
    6-99. Need I go on??

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