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Anyone else feel they ruined the nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by --Wolf--, Sep 5, 2007.

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    I mean cmon! What they released is pretty much identical to all the rumors that were going around beforehand, and no one liked them.

    The only reason I was going to get a Nano last gen (held off for this update tho) is before I loved the sleek design.

    I'm never going to watch movies or pictures, that's what a cell phone is for. I mean, this looks hard enough to hold, and don't even get me started on the hold switch being on the bottom.

    Was Apple drunk when they came up with this design? I wan't to consider the iPod Touch, but it will be around $430 (NZD) when it comes out here, and the Wi-Fi probably won't even work in New Zealand.
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    I for one, like the new nano, but won't be purchasing it as it doesn't suit my needs.
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    Not at all, it's a huge improvement. To be honest I'm crazy about it. The only thing that would keep me from buying one is if I get a touch or iPhone instead.
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    Chupa Chupa

    Yeah I usually put my iPods on eBay when new ones come out. I won't be putting my 8GB nano up though. New one does nothing for me and video on a nano is just insane. It's hard enough on the eyes with the regular iPod. I did, however, put my 80 gigger up for some sucker to snatch and will be buying a 160GB "classic" promptly.
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    If that 80g is sealed I'll buy it right now, I have just bought a 60gb white and an iPod Hi-Fi, a 4gb 1st gen Nano and a 24'' White iMac, all with applecare.

    I plan on barricading myself in my house with plenty of Canaqua water and not coming out until the Applecare is up (3 years), I also have 2 of every animal (not insects) and am hoping this time of bad taste, ugly imacs and phat ipods will pass. Seriously, things are not looking good for apple

    Or Buy a Mac Pro lol
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    It doesn't look very cool, although i like the added features (video playback). But an almost square iPod nano just looks weird...
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    Visually it is unappealing. I knew I liked the original iPod Nano and the revision almost instantly.
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    I'm curious as to why you think the WiFi would not work in NZ?
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    While the other two nano models were quite stunning, seeing the new one together with the full-sized iPod, it certainly makes sense.

    I understand the thinking, though, because I was rather off put when the iPod video arrived and was wide and flat.
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    I think the OP might be the drunk one thinking cell phones are for watching movies on....:eek:
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    I've gotta admit that I prefer the 2nd generation (tall, skinny) nano, as opposed to the new 3rd generation (short, chubby) nano that was released today. I'm hanging onto my 2nd generation nano, the red one.

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