Anyone else have a "creaky" MacBook Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Yumunum, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I just got my new 13" MacBook Air, but I've noticed something... when moving the computer around, clicking some keys, changing the display angle, ect., the computer makes creaky/crack-like sounds. Not every time, but kinda often during normal use. It's like the body wasn't built 100% solidly, I don't know how else to explain it. Anyone else notice this? *hoping everyone else does so my computer is normal* :p
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    Happens on the bottom where the panel meets the body of the laptop.
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    Did you try a little WD40?

    (Kidding :D)
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    Yep! But then it had oil excess oil all over the body, so I threw it in the wash. I figured the dryer would be overkill, so I just left it out overnight on the porch (it's pretty warm around here). The creaking still persists though :/
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    actually some of the keyboard's keys tend to be quite creaky on my new 13".
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    Some people posted about this about 3-4 days after the Air release. You might want to try slightly tightening the torx screws on the bottom.
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    LOLLL! For a second I believed you.
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    My first one had that. It would click every time I picked it up. It was as if the case sealed completely. I returned it due to several other build issues.

    The replacement does not click. But it has some other minor build flaws.
    It's pick your poison.
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    My 2010 had it after a few weeks. I ordered the torx driver from iFixit and tightened them up myself. Noise is gone. I figured the $12 was worth having to go to the apple store and wait for the same results.
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    Don't know about the air, but I know my MBP creaks when I open the lid slowly.
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    Mine has it on the tips of the palm rest, but they only sound on occasions.

    Since this is my second replacement due to LCD anomalies, I will not have it replaced. This has a perfect screen and perfect everything else. Creaking can be remedied easily by tightening the screws with the proper driver. I ordered the 5-point pentalobe screw driver form iFixit and awaiting for it to come.

    Take my advice and keep it. Just order the screw driver and tighten or re-seat the bottom cover. You also may need it upgrade your SSD if you wish.

    Other worse problems might be on any replacement so don't take a chance.
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    Mine creaks too. For the most part I love my Air, but this is yet another example of disenchantment regarding Apple's "premium" products.
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    Sorry to hear about the creaking. As much as people may advise you to keep the laptop and buy a screw driver, I am really against having to do things such as "unscrew" the bottom cover. Order, wait for, then re-tighten or loosen factory installed screws with a special screw driver.

    Yes I understand these things happen and the people who bother to state these problems on the forums are probably 0.05% of Apple's customer base, but I still think it sucks. You buy something expensive and beautiful and you just expect it to work. All this jumping through hoops on the consumer side to get it right is BS.

    I'd go exchange it and get a new one. I'd keep doing so till I got what I paid for. I'm really just surprised by how many people on these forums have to return their Macs to get ones with no issues. Sad. Especially since we are all so enthusiastic about the product.

    Well best of luck!
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    I have been there, done that. I've exchanged defective ones only to find out my replacements are defective in some other way. As much as we'd like to admit that we should be getting perfect, premium products for what we pay for, it's sad to know that problems will still exist in any of these said premium products.

    I have set a condition on MacBook exchanges and my priority is still the LCD screen because this is what I will be looking at 90% of the time. Malfunctioning components is second then cosmetic imperfections follow. Anything I can remedy easily, like a loose, creaking lid, I will attempt to remedy myself since this only involves a painless process.

    I admit, some of us don't like to tinker, but in my experience, this might be necessary to save us from going back to the store for numerous replacements.

    Just my 2 centavos. :)
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    My 2010 13" Air creaked. My 2011 one does not creak. Maybe it's a hit or miss? I literally try to get this thing to creak and it won't.
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    Torx is not a special screw driver. I know Apple has some Tri-wing screws to stop people from getting into their computers, but you can pick up a Torx screwdriver at any local hardware store...hell, even Wal-mart
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    Mine doesn't creak but i noticed that if i apply some pressure on the back it'll move around a bit, as if the screw is too long or loose but it doesn't creak so i'll let it be, i have another 360 or so days to have it looked at.
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    Did you check your drive/display models? I wouldn't be surprised if it was Toshiba/LG :D
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    To the person asking what the screen/SSD is: Samsung, for both! :) Which is one good reason I wouldn't want to return it. Also, in my other experiences, returning a product gives me one with new problems.

    I think I'm going to order those screwdrivers from iFixit. They may come in handy for other things too! Fingers and toes crossed that it will work... It's pretty annoying having my laptop kinda seem like it was made of creaky plastic
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    My new 13" air creaked before, I fixed it by ordering a $5 pentalobe screwdriver from ebay (needed one anyway so that I can adjust the touchpad on my old 11" air). I losened all the screws by half a turn, re-aligned the bottom and tightened them again. No more "creaking".
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    Excellent. Then you can solve your problem by wearing ear plugs at all times. No more creaking!

    For those unfortunate souls who have Toshiba/LG, use creaking as an excuse to ask for a replacement - your chance to get Samsung components!!! In this case, creaking is your friend!
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    I have noticed that when using the notebook on my lap, when I press on the wrist rest (and the back - the hinge side - lifts up) it makes some noise that I really do not know how to classify.. Clicky sound.. as if you were clicking on a card with a nail... but not as loud... (So hard to describe noise)

    It happens mostly if the screen is not open fully.

    It does not occur on a flat/hard surface.

    I spent some time trying to identify the source but was unable to do, it all seems sturdy and there is no loose movement whatsoever.

    I have wrapsol on and it could be that the bottom makes that sound if the notebook is moved on the lap, but I am really not sure.

    I have already changed my original MBA for a new one due to some technical issues. I am going to organise an appointment next week with the store to see whether they can find anything.

    It is kinda doing my head in, mainly because I do not know what it is.
  24. donster28, Aug 12, 2011
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    No More Creaking!!!

    Just got my 5-point pentalobe screw driver from iFixit and it worked perfectly! No more creaking for me so far.

    My advice is to not remove the bottom cover at all but to just loosen the screws slightly one by one then tighten them up.

    When loosening the screws, be careful not to loose them...they can easily slip off and hide some place you won't be able to find them. Just loosen them but not remove them.

    When tightening, tighten the screws on the ends first then the ones in between.

    Be careful not to over-tighten since these screw heads don't have much room for your screw driver to latch on to. You may end up with a dead screw or a scratched MacBook Air, caused by a slipping screw driver. Either way, it's not a pleasant thing. Just be patient and don't rush. Again, do not push the screw driver in while tightening the screws! This will make it slip and scratch your precious MacBook Air!

    Good thing I learned this from the past...I now have a prestine, solid, creak free MacBook Air 13"!

    This should also save you a trip to the Apple Store. :)
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    I had a rec C that creaked a bit when being moved around. Never really worried about it.

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