Anyone else have this problem? Where the aTV continuesly Synches (never stops)???

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by AnimalPaintball, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Ive had both my aTVs do this every once in a while. Then I have to pretty much disconnect the aTV re-link it up again, to only happen again a week or 2 later.

    There seems to be no rythem or rhym. It happens with both my aTVs and they happen at different times.

    Anybody have this increadibly annoying problem?

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    Yep, I did but the last :apple:TV update fixed it.
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    I wish I could say the last update fixed mine, but oddly enough I believe it actually started with the last update.

    Anybody else have any ideas????
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    I'm having the same issue (on a windows machine) since the last update. Everything is working fine on OS X.
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    Unfortunatly I am having the problems with my OS X.
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    I used to have the endless sync problem. If you set your ATV up for "Custom Sync", and select the content you want to transfer over, it will actually finish syncing when its done. If you leave it on "Automatic Sync", it will never stop.

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