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Anyone Else? Internet on iPhone 5 SUPER SLOW. Is this AT&T or Apples Problem?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by VideoNewbie, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Whenever i am outside using the data plan on my iphone is super slow. ive tried power cycling and it sometimes helps but only for the first minute or so then it goes back to being slow. ive tried clearing out apps by double tapping the home button...theres no real solution.

    I very rarely have more than 2 bars. Calls sometimes take a while to dial out..

    some additional info:

    -wifi of course works fine.

    -i have an unlimited data from at&t and no i dont go over 3gb a month so im not getting limited

    -using an otterbox case so i dont think its the case.

    i talked to an at&t rep and asked if it has to do with sim card and she said not likely. she said that she noticed a similar problem on her own iphone and that she brought it in the apple store and they "unblocked" something that was affecting her antenna? wtf? have u all heard of something like this?

    i am going to the apple store later this week as well as trying to swap out a sim from at&T in the meantime i want to see if any of u have experienced something similar
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    Almost certainly AT&T but it wouldn't hurt to get it checked at Apple.

    I have no clue what the rep was talking about it regards to unblocking something. Sounds like BS.
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    Apple fanboy

    Mine works just fine. I noticed how much quicker it was on 3G compared to my iPhone 4.
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    where r u located? im in southern california .

    are ur bars usually full ? r u mostly outdoors? i find reception at malls is virtually impossible for some reason


    hm. so u figure it has to do with sim card or do u think they r secretly limiting people who have an unlimited data plan (even ppl who dont go over 3gb)
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    Probably just your area. AT&T has been doing a lot of expanding in SoCal, especially in the Northern Los Angeles Area and San Diego. Could barely get 2 bars in those areas now I almost always have 4+.
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    Apple fanboy

    I'm in the UK. With O2. Usually full bars when I'm on 3G unless I'm out in the sticks (countryside).
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    No issues here... sounds like a carrier issue in your area to me.
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    Do you get LTE where you are?
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    There's your problem. SoCal has been AT&T's Waterloo ever since they sold off a huge chunk of spectrum there to t mobile. Coverage there has been bad for AT&T for years.

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