anyone else notice the servers are a little slower tonight?!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by hotshotharry, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Just wondered if anyone else has noticed the previews and what not are a fair bit slower to come down tonight, i havent actually seen the video pause before !!!!
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    I started downloading The Assassination of Jesse James almost an hour ago and it's not watchable yet. It's at 13 percent now, but it won't let me start it.
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    I have to second this... on my 16 mbps Comcast connection, I cant even watch trailers without a long pre-download and jittery performance. I was going to crul up with a rented movie with the honey, but that never materialized.

    Service has been great up till tonight... Wonder what is going on?
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    hmmm seems to be back up to speed now!
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    I don't believe you. I'm at 19 percent now, but it still won't let me watch it.
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    lol id like to down grade to hit and miss lol

    something things are good athers are pathetic!!! guess it depends what you are doing! :-(
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    lol bizarre how that got there

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