Anyone else think the Microsoft bashing at WWDC went too far?

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by Unspeaked, Aug 8, 2006.

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    So who else thought Apple went a little too far with the anti-Microsoft stuff yesterday?

    I thought it actually cheapened Apple and the Mac OS X product.

    I'm a huge Mac fan, and hardly use any Microsoft products, except for Office every once in a while. I don't even find anything wrong with those Mac vs PC ads that have been airing (though, admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of them).

    But all those banners and taunts and jokes being cracked at the Keynote seemed awkward - if a company's as much of an originator and so far ahead of the curve as Apple claims to be, those sorts of actions shouldn't be necessary. It's like a high school kid picking on an elementary school kid who's trying to dress like him; the high school kid should be mature enough to know better.

    Not only did Apple show immaturity, they insulted their audience, who already KNEW what Apple was trying to show and didn't NEED to be spoon-fed the fact that many of Microsoft's "innovations" came after Apple introduced them.

    Apple's not perfect, either, and the attitude they've sported at WWDC is exactly the kind of thing that makes PC users loathe Mac users and draw conclusions without trying out products.

    It's also the kind of attitude that makes me not care so much when they release a major bomb like the Cube. I wouldn't even mind if the whole Zune thing (which I previously couldn't stand) shaves a few percentage points of market share off Apple's MP3 player market.
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    I do find it funny they are bashing MS, but I don't think it's necessary.
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    Yes, I found it to be a bit childish.
    They should take the high road and stick to it. But they never do.
    It's the 'privilege' of being the underdog.
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    Well, when the anti-Microsoft banners first started leaking out yesterday, I thought they were amusing; it made me smile.

    You know, I was, like, "Wow, Apple's got one or two anti-Microsoft banners up! That's kinda cool; it'll light a little fire under their toes..."

    Then I see another and another and another and then large chunks of the Keynote are about Microsoft and instead of friendly, witty teasing, it comes across as desperation and obsession.

    Like, "Uh, yeah Steve, calm down. There's more to life than Microsoft..."
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    I thought some of the jabs were quite harsh, especially when watching the french guy compare OS X to Vista.

    Vista and OS X do have big similarities, but I wouldn't say Microsoft just copied everything like what was implied.

    If some company just came out of the blue with a completely new operating system, there's no way it'll have a bland, grey, UI. It's a pretty safe bet it'll have lots of shiny buttons and cool effects, like a modern OS would have.

    And that banner... "Hasta la Vista, Vista?" The new stuff in Leopard is hardly anything to blow Vista away. I was really hoping Leopard is going to make Vista seem inferior when they're both compared side-by-side once released, but as they currently stand they seem pretty much like equals. Possibly even Vista being slightly cooler, with (what I consider) a much nicer UI and some other neat stuff which isn't in OS X. I'm just hoping Leopard's "top secret" stuff will change all that.

    But I did find PC guy's intro funny...especially the line which went something like "maybe whilst you're not doing anything you could help us with, we could use a hand there" :D lol
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    there is a fine line bettween slightly joking and crossing it to going to far. Apple didnt just cross that line they went way past it.
    And to make it even worse worse 2 of the "new features" in leapod are pretty big copies of stuff XP has had for a while.

    Space is a pretty blantant copy of a multidesktop power toy for XP that is at lest 4 years old now (if not older) I have a screen shot of it off my computer from fall 02 and I am pretty sure it is older than that.
    And lets see time mechition is a pretty big copy of system restore or any other auto back up program. Both have been out for a while.

    I sorry but if apple is going to thow crap like it did at WWDC then it better be damn sure none of the things it is bragging about is at all a remote copy of something XP has had for a long time and well 2 of the biggest are copies.
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    I fully agree with you. I think MS has done nothing to provoke this response.

    let them be.... a lot op people know how much better apple is. Some disagree, but both ways are fine, no sence in picking in such a childish way
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Microsoft does stink but at least they know how to make a Mouse:cool:
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    This sibling rivalry been going on between Microsoft and Apple forever. Both get in their little zingers, and then later the same day they are working together on something. It's all for show.
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    Virtual Desktops has been part of UNIX for a very, very, very long time.
    A lot longer than either Microsoft or Apple can claim.

    However.. Fast User Switching is a blatant rip-off from Windows.
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    Yeah, that's another point I had: after all that bashing, you'd think Leopard would have looked lightyears ahead of Tiger; instead, it had some cool features, but it wasn't what I'd call a Vista-killer. Assuming Vista is ever released... heh.
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    isn't that what they were getting at? :rolleyes:

    sorry, couldn't resist.

    i do think it is a bit childish, but it was provoked. Microsoft are ripping off MacOS more blatantly than they have for a good few years.
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    Sigh. Umm, whatever. What the hell do you call Time Machine? I couldn't believe the hipocracy. Blaming Microsoft of immitating them and introducing time machine as a revoloutionary new feture on the same stage. A feature that has been in Windows since the year 2000. Should I also mention unprovoked a la US invasion of Iraq? When was the last time Bill Gates went on stage and said ANYTHING bad about Apple? Microsoft has infact been very supportive towards Apple. But what else can I expect from a bunch of sheep.
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    Microsoft in fact throw around FUD about Apple all the time.

    Gates on the inevitable failure of the Apple iPod:

    Ballmer on how the iPod (unlike WMA) promotes piracy:,39024675,39124642,00.htm

    Microsoft were caught running a false Mac-to-Windows "switch" ad:
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    Agreed, I thought it made them look bitter and desperate, and the stupid thing is that there's no need to – Leopard will be better than Vista, hell, Tiger's probably better than Vista.
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    for the most part apple wwdc was more about mud slinging that it was about being about it product.

    Come on at M$ confresses they really dont talk much trash about apple for the most part they pay no attention to them or even care about them. It is about m$ product and not much else like it should be.

    Apple as become more like the Replicants all trash talk and very little about there stuff.

    Also there is a reason I stop paying attention to politics. It became all trash talk. If apple keeps acting like this I will for the most part stop paying attention to what they have to say.
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    Should have at least waited for more of the "top secret" features before making all of the Vista comparisons.

    Do you think Jobs and Gates have a little friendly understanding there? A little bragging for Steve, something to show the antitrust guys for Bill.
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    Except the iPod has nothing to do with computing. Yesterday, they werent slandering Microsofts upcoming MP3 player onstage they were slandering Windows which Microsoft has never done before to Apple OS X/computers. And MS running ONE reverse switch ad? Umm, I'd call that a fair retaliation to Apple's countless switch CAMPAIGNS. You Apple zealots are distubing how you will twist the story in any way to conform with your blind no holds barred worship of Apple.
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    The iPod has absolutely nothing to do with computing except that it's a computer in its own right as well as a computer peripheral. Because that is where Apple is an actual competitor to Microsoft, that is where they put their competitive efforts.

    Of course, there is no need for Microsoft to waste time spreading FUD about the Mac, it has never lived up to its potential in the marketplace. Microsoft use a different approach there, namely condescension and dismissal (as demonstrated by the Microsoft switch ad).
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    In Apple's defence on the "Time Machine is copied from Windows" stuff... granted, it's nothing new, but Apple have implemented it in a way only a company like Apple could. The cool effects, the incredible ease of use. I know of some sort of backup utilities we've seen in Windows over the years but I've never bothered to look into them. I've had no great interest in reading through dialog after dialog of stuff, think about what settings I'm changing etc. The way Apple have done it is in a very self-explanitary way. Nice and easy, very user friendly.

    But for Apple to knock Windows for copying them and then respond with something copied from them, is very sad.

    It would be a lot better if Apple would just focus on what's good about Apple, rather than focusing on what's bad about someone else.
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    i thought it was funny until apple started talking about the new mail enhancements. . . having note and to do built right into mail kinda (completely) reminds me of M$ outlook! but i must admit, especially in vista, M$ has ripped off some of the better aspects of OS X. but with running on the registry and .dll files M$ will be just as bad as ever. . . . when they finally release vista!
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    After G

    I do agree that Apple (Steve and Bertrand mostly) went a bit far in poking at Microsoft.

    But I don't think Steve said anything about being the first to make virtual desktops. Just "a new way of working with your Mac." He didn't say a new way of working, no matter what OS.

    Let Steve be bitter. His actions shouldn't reflect on your opinion of the OS. Apple has great engineers, to be able to do what MS does in a fraction of the time. And if you had an OS as great as OS X, Amiga, OS/2, or Linux, and the rest of the world didn't notice, you'd be pissed off as hell too. Like when you know the way to do a math problem really easily and the person you are helping doesn't get it.

    Microsoft doesn't need to run FUD or make fun of Mac OS though. There's enough ignorant people and "my computer is better than yours" types to make up for it. "Macs are incompatible with the Internet ... Macs are for creative types ... Macs use special memory and incompatible hard drives" ... ugh.

    I've seen a lot of people saying "Time Machine" is copied from Windows System Restore or Vista's Previous Versions. It's not. Please stop thinking that. Incremental file backups is a lot better than volume shadow copy. Saving only what changes is a lot more efficient than making a copy of the file every time there's a change. And with System Restore, only Microsoft's files get saved. Not yours.
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    you are possibly mistaken in this matter.

    MS does not have an implementation of this "feature" that works as easily & simply as Time Machine - let alone the other differences described by the previous poster.

    baaaah. :D
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    Uh, how are these 2 similar?

    btw: time mechition, as you spelled it, is not a 'pretty big copy' - it is an evolution. For example, Human beings are not pretty big copies of Apes; rather, they are an evolution away from apes. Note the difference.
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    Calm down.

    You're making a huge deal out of this and there isn't any real issue to begin with. Apple is basically preaching to the choir with the MS jabs, and they don't expect that it's going to be taken this seriously. Jobs always says they are just poking fun at Microsoft and that's really the extent of it. If there was really a serious issue at stake, they wouldn't hang a bunch of trite banners about it, they would take them to court.

    It should be perfectly obvious that there has always been an anti-MS contingent of Mac users (aka, paying customers) that this sort of stuff plays to, and as far as Microsoft's Vista copying OS X features, it's been noted in the press by critics who can hardly be described as Mac zealots, so it's not soley an Apple contrivance.

    Meanwhile, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy your operating system of choice.

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