Tablets Anyone else thinking about a Galaxy Note 10.1?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by akuma13, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. akuma13, Aug 3, 2012
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    Despite the great processor and huge amount of ram, I'm looking into this for a content creation device. I would really like to get into digital drawing/painting. I know a Cintinq (22HD)would be better but it's too expensive and not portable enough for me. 3G radio for making calls/placing texts is a huge plus.

    I'm thinking of pre ordering at Negri Electronics for 750

    The only bummer is that I have an IPad 3 and love the screen. I just feel I can do more with the Note with full stylus integration.
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    I'm a current Android phone user and I gotta say...the tablet experience on iPad can't be beat right now. Android is currently not a platform for drawing or reading, and the apps there are just not even close to iPad's tablet apps.
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    The Note looks nice with a quad core CPU and 2GB of RAM, but like Calidude said, the iPad offer the best tablet experience right now and when the iPad mini comes out, it'll only dominate the market further.
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    It has the eynos quad core from the s3 and 2gb of ram. Not sure why you think it doesn't.
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    It's not a big deal. Samsung shelved that version of the Note and produced a spec bumped version that's coming out soon. That's why it's been delayed for so long.

    I agree that the tablet experience and apps on the iPad can't be beat. For content creation and writing, the Note seems more ideal for me. If an IPad mini is coming out I'll easily get it and the the Note 10.1
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    Nope, no intentions of leaving the iOS ecosphere at all; it's the cream of the crop and all others are just knock-off wannabees.

    I especially would NEVER go SAMSUNG, since they do nothing but copy of Apple.

    Giving dollars in support of Samsung is rewarding their bad monkey-see/monkey-do behavior.

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    That seems to be a particularly odd comment in light of how different this tablet is from the iPad.

    Active WACOM pen and sensors. Multi-windows onscreen. Built-in equation, drawing and handwriting recognition.

    What part of those are copied from Apple?

    If anything, now I think we'll see more cases of Apple following Samsung's lead for a while, with 7" tablets and hopefully even a pen option sooner or later.

    I think this will shift back and forth between them as time goes on.
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    You added a lot to the discussion.
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    Thank you, as did you I see.
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    Well I put in my order for one and it should ship today. Hopefully I'll get to test it out this weekend. If it's a keeper my Ipad 3 goes up on Craigslist. To me Samsung is heading in the right direction for tablet computing and productivity. I hope Apple follow suit.

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