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Anyone emailed F@H for Altivec support?

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by jethroted, Mar 4, 2003.

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    We should write some emails, or get a petition going to push for altivec support. If we let them know that we are only using 25% of our chips power maybe they would consider it. Who knows.
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    best place to go...

    everyone involved with developing folding actively goes here from what i've seen.

    a post or thread here would probably be just as effective as an e-mail.
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    Thanks, I posted a request there.
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    Ya, they talk alot about Gromacs. Can you use it with F@H? I'm not really sure what it is, or how it works.
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    Can't say that I know either.....
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    basically i think they're third party tools that the people at stanford use to make the folding cores without having to make their own from scratch.


    you can read about it on the folding forum or on stanford's site. it's been a while, so that's all i remember.
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    The gromacs core is faster for the mac and will use Altivec, the mac one is all ready to go but they keep fiddling around with the windoze one.

    Gromac has been, well an agreement, has been reached and Folding is gonna soon be allowed to distribute the gromac apps. :D

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