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iPad mini Anyone found a BLACK smart cover for the iPad mini available in US?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by caligurl, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. caligurl, Nov 18, 2012
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    i want just a smartcover, as i want to use a carbon phantomskinz on the back.... but i need (want) black... not the fugly dark grey that apple sells...

    i have had no luck in finding one...

    if anyone has found an after market black one please, PLEASE post a link for me!!!

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    Apple doesn't sell a black one for the Mini.
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    i know that.... that's why i'm trying to find an after market one... guess i needed to specify that but assumed people would understand that....
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    Here's one on eBay, but I can't confirm the quality. It's only 15 bucks, so it's not a total loss if it stinks.

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    15 bucks for a smart cover and a lightning cable...wow...haha

    If anyone orders one, I'd be interested in knowing how the quality is with the cover.

    I'd love to get a black smart cover and/or a leather smart cover. I'm sure eventually more will start popping up.

    I tried searching for info on dying my dark gray smart cover but it seems these poly smart covers are resistant to just about everything (which I suppose is a good thing).
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    The $15 price is for the Smart Cover only. The combo is $21, but I wouldn't trust the cable.
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    thanx!!!! I may order one! not usually a fan of ordering from china since the shipping takes soooooo long... but this appears to be the only available black one!

    I have no interest in their lightening cable! I'd be afraid it would damage my ipad or iPhone!
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    Agreed. I wouldn't use the cable at all. I'd much rather pay the 19 for the peace of mind.
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    Looks like the ipad2/ipad3 smart cover that uses hinges. Not sure I would waste 15 on this but it may work out if you have to have that color.
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    I would like a black one too

    That eBay one looks like the big ipad smart case
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  12. AirThis, Nov 20, 2012
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    I'm debating between the Incipio Lexington and the Scosche Black Carbon Fiber case. Links below. The Amazon suggestion above looks like a good buy as well.

    Edit: I realize that you only want the top cover, but I thought you might possibly be interested by a more homogenous look. As you mentioned Carbon Fiber, I immediately thought of the Scosche.

    Incipio Lexington:


    Scosche Black Carbon Fiber Case:


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