Anyone going to Burningman this year ?

Discussion in 'Community' started by etoiles, Jul 22, 2004.

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    ...spending a week away from the internet :eek:, phones and TV is an experience in its own :D, but doing it in the desert surrounded by thousands of creative freaks is something you won't forget too soon.

    anyway, I am going to Burningman this year (went twice in the past already) and wondered if anybody else here was going.

    I'll be setting up a shade structure made out of a 15.5ft geodesic dome, a giant tarp and a parachute (taking airflow into account will be key).
    My girlfriend will be going for the first time, she is super excited which makes preparation twice as fun. I'll probably spend my next few week-ends between REI and Home Depot, though.

    So any fellow burners in the mac community ?
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    Not me but I have a few friends who are, one is in the process of making a few giant dragon heads that have flame-throwers in them. They're pretty cool last time I saw them and I wish I could see them in acrtion this year but I couldn't muster up the money for a ticket this time...

    Next year definately, no question.

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    what is it, besides a huge collection of hippies?

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    Too bad you can't go this year, but I understand. I just ordered our tickets and I could have bought one of those new iPods for the price. Good thing I already have an iPod ;) .
    There is some amazing dragons out there, the biggest one I have seen must be the Dragon Train. Are your friends part of an art camp, do you know where the dragon heads will be set up ?

    well, it is this kind of thing where if you have to ask, you obviously haven't been :) There is a lot of hippies, yes, but it is the kind of hippies who like to build stuff...preferably motorised, making a lot of noise and shooting flames :D
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    i went twice, the 2nd or 3rd year and the year Catbus was there was the last).. it's fun to just hang out in peoples places and shoot the breeze. it was super hot, dusty and very disorganized the first time. the second time i knew what was going on, and was much better prepared.

    I really can't afford to go anymore.
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    I will be going there this year. This will be my first time, but I am going with friends who have been doing it for years. We will be part of the Snuggletown community. I can't wait. I am so excited.

    I am also doing my own installation at the playa called "iPod With Me", where people will have their own area to dance by simply using their iPods to listen to music.
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    I don't think she's part of an art camp, I think she's on her own with a friend or two, the dragon heads will be sitting on top of a Toyota 4Runner I believe, not exactly sure though.
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    whow, old school... that is cool. It has certainly changed a lot since the beginning, but then you have to be a bit more organized when dealing with 20'000 people. First time I went was in 2000, I don't think it has changed too much since in terms of setup. But it is a unique experience each time nevertheless.

    I am so excited I might pee myself any second now...
    Last times I went I was with this camp called 'Space Lounge', best parties on the playa :). That was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. This year will be my first time 'on my own', so it will be a bit different. I'll definitely have more time to explore and check out other camps and art installations. I know a few people at the 'Space Cowboys' (and their famous unimog party machine) as well as 'Green Gorilla', so I'll probably be partying there a bit a night...

    I don't think I'll bring my iPod, but I'll try to track down your installation (or at least Snuggletown).
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    Looke me up we just got our assignment. We'll be at Venus and 5:30...
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    I was planning on going but round about March I realized I wouldn't be able to afford it. Next year, for sure... I'm going nudist the entire week. My first forray into the world of (non-sexual, you perverts) nudism.

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    cool, I'll try to cruise by. Be careful with those candles, though (I checked your blog): winds can be pretty strong out there, and the weather can change 'in a breeze'.

    Wohooo, only one week to go... we just finished some costumes this week-end: my girlfriend wanted to make a bunny suit, so I am going to be a giant carrot...we will have to visit the Billion Bunny camp sometime.

    I'll pack my 'spacesuit' too, just in case :)
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    I am back. I had a lot of fun this year, even though it was a very windy/dusty one...

    Special thanks to Foucault for a very fine cosmo on the playa :)

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    Mike Teezie

    I am going next year without a doubt.
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    It was one of the greatest adventures I've ever had. I've been to other party hot spots in the world, Ibiza, Mardi Gras, Full Moon Party, Spring Break at Havasu, and although those were great and wonderful events, they left my heart empty afterwards. After Burning Man I felt inspired, focused, and just a little bit less lonely in this world. Burning Man isn't for everyone, half of my camp left 4 days into it because you have to be both strong mentally, emotionally, and physically to handle all the environmental and cultural extremes you have to encounter.

    During the day you face, 100+ degree dry desert heat, 50mph dust storms, and complete white outs.
    At night you face 35 degree and lower conditions, with chilling desert winds, and playa dust penetrating your skin like bullets.

    Despite all this, It was the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. It gave me a perspective and balance that not a lot people get. And yes Burning Man is a big party, but it is so much more than that, and to think of it as just another party is missing the whole point altogether.
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    Bring TP.
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    bring your own...

    dust mask
    glow sticks
    and hula hoop...
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    baby wipes

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