Anyone got a good Supercal profile for a 15" Powerbook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Chrispy, Jun 13, 2005.

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    I have a 15" powerbook and the defult calibration on it sucks. It is way to bright and washes things out. I have tried use the included calibration utility with OS X but it never seems to come out quite right. A lot of people use SuperCal and say they love it.

    I know you can share profiles from that software and I was wondering if anyone who has a good calibration on SuperCal could share it with me. I am slightly color blind and it makes me hard to try to get the mac color scheme match my windows machine. Thanks! :)
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    anyone got a good profile they can post?
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    I just want to say that SuperCal does OWN. I ran it on the iBook and it made everything so better. Now I use it on all the Macs I touch. Sorry, no PB 15" one though. Did you try doing the SuperCal yourself? It's pretty easy, but it takes forever and a few tries.
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    I would do the supercal thing myself but I am slightly color blind so it is hard for me to do accurate color. If I could get someone else's profile from a 15" powerbook then I would feel more comfortable with having the correct colors. Thanks for the advice tho :)

    Anyone got one.... :eek:
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    I'm gonna make one tonight for my brand new Powerbook. I'll let you know if I'm successful.. I wish I could blag a hardware profiler as I'd get more accurate results. But I'm not willing to spend hundreds on something I'll only use once every 6 months!
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    Thanks man I look forward to it :)
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    Well I just did it, and frankly, it looks worse than the default. I'm guessing I didnt do it right, so I'll try again later.

    <rant>We have a million pound media facility where I work, with money pouring in from Sony and many other corporations. Its full of lovely Macs, but they are unwilling to spend a couple of hundred quid on a hardware monitor profiler!!! Despite the fact it would probably increase the workflow of the department. Maybe I should convince my boss that owning one for my department (IT/Graphics) would be useful. </rant>

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