Anyone have a Sprint Ovation U727?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by growinglogic, Feb 3, 2008.

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    I just ordered a Ovation U727 from Sprint. Anyone have it? Does it fit in the MacBook Air nicely?
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    GigaOM says it works...
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    I have the same modem, I don't think it fits well. I suppose you could force it in there, but I wasn't comfortable with that. Plus I never liked it sticking out like that even on my MBP.

    But the belkin bendable adaptor works great and allows me to keep the modem parallel with the case of the MBA. Which I think looks better and is safer.

    Tomorrow I'm going to try my battery powered router, which I played with a bit last night at home. The advantage there is I can keep it in my bag even when I'm using it, just flip one switch to connect and disconnect, and I can use it with my MBA or iPhone. And whomever is with me can use it as well. Plus, the U727 is quite a battery drain when plugged into the MBP or MBA.
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    Which router do you have?

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    Cradlepoint PHS300. I just used it for a 90 minute session/demo with a client. I love it.

    I kept it in my bag near the window where the reception was good. And I used only 40% of the battery on my MBP during the 90 minutes. Whereas normally I can barely go 90 minutes with the U727 connected directly.
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    Full review of Cradlepoint PHS300

    For anyone else interested in learning more about it.
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    BTW, I got it from 3GStore. Thanks for the suggestion on that.

    What I"m finding today is that I'm actually getting more than 2 hours on one charge. Perhaps because I set the wifi signal to low strength. When I was using it this morning I was a few feet away from my bag, so broadcasting at full range seemed pointless.

    So I used it for 2:15. Unfortunately, there is no way to see how much battery is left on the router, but the red light was not yet on. And the MBA was 56% still. So I'm really loving this router for the way I typically work.

    This weekend we're taking a 3 hours car trip, so we will have wifi for everyone the whole way. (I have a spare battery, but I really should get the car adapter)
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    no problem. thanks for supporting 3gstore!

    for those who don't have the need for maximum portability that the PHS300 offeers, and are interested in the latest and greatest EVDO router...
    check out my exhaustive review of the forthcoming Cradlepoint MBR1000 at

    The MBR1000 is the first EVDO router with a native Expresscard slot (for those with V740/EX720 that fit into MacBook Pro!) as well as the first 3G router to use a WiFi N radio! Check out the photo below of the MBR1000 with a Verizon V740, a Franklin CDU680 and a Verizon UM150.

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    The link above is an epic failure, so I fixed it for you.


    Now on to my post...

    I've never seen those before, and think those are simply awesome. One less cable (the phone or cable cable)! But how fast is EVDO? I hear 2 Mbps? If so, then I gotta seriously look into this! If the prices are good, I'll give Comcast the middle finger.

    Only negative I see is that it's not a Time Capsule :D I'd have to get Time Capsule and have it extend the network. I wish it can be contained all in one unit, which would be just kick ass.
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    Here's a link to's fastest recorded downloads:

    Fast enough for you?

    of course, your mileage may vary. what you can get depends on what pipe there is to tower you end up attached to. Some only have T-1's. Others, more.

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