Anyone have an "in-store" date for the iPod Classic?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Chupa Chupa, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Chupa Chupa

    Just wondering. My local Apple Stores say they haven't been told when to expect. Seems odd since Jobs said they would ship today. Just wondering if anyone heard anything solid on the ETA front for the 160 giggers.
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    Just called my store (Boulder, CO). They don't know when they'll be in, but said "probably very soon".
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    clarendon store in arlington, va and bethesda store at montgomery mall in bethesda, md both don't know when :(

    i want it now!!
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    kansas city also doesnt know when
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    Just got my 80GB Classic at the Apple Store in Boulder!!
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    ones in NYC have the nanos and 80gb classic
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    I should mention that the Boulder store didn't have iPod touch or the 160GB Classic. Lots of 80GB classics though.
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    Nope. I figured they might not be in stock right away, so I ordered mine online. It's already shipped, but it's coming directly from Shanghai. Hopefully I'll have it next week.
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    I was just at the Soho store in NYC and they had nothing

    I was hoping to atleast get my hands on a touch to try it out.

    anyone have an official date for the touch?
    i dont know if i should buy online or wait until it hits the stores
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    Only nanos here in toronto ontario canada
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    Did people even listen to the keynote?

    The touch is WEEKS away from shipping.

    They starting shipping all the other models yesterday, so it just depends on how fast the shipments get there. Many people have reported finding various models already, the rest should be in stores by the weekend.

    Just call your local stores if you're looking for a particular model today.
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    Just picked up an 80Gb Silver at the White Plains,NY store.
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    Sky Blue

    Nanos and Classics at Cambridge MA today.
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    They have them at the Fifth Ave. Apple Store in NYC.
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    They didn't have them on display to play with in the 5th Ave store but had them behind the counter.
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    Chupa Chupa

    Any 160GB sightings?
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    Absolutely zilch at the Sagemore store in NJ. They have no idea when Nanos, Shuffles, Classics, or Touches will be in and they said "hopefully by the end of the weekend, we're waiting just like you!" to me when I asked if they knew when they'd be in.
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    Eric Lewis

    my costco here in London,Ontario gets the new Nanos and iPods(only 160gig) on wed for sure!
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    my store (san luis obispo) doesn't know either but they said to keep calling to find out. I would get one online but I would rather see the colors in person though I am leaning towards the silver one but i would prefer to see it in person.

    Interestingly, the have the shuffles
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    any 160 sightings out there?
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    Well, according to UPS, my 160gb left Kentucky for Raleigh this morning. UPS tracking says should be delivered today :D So, perhaps, I'll see mine today or Monday. . .
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    Anyone know if the Apple store in Tyson's Corner Mall (VA) has 160gb classics?
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    tysons - no
    montgomery - no
    arlington (clarendon) - no
    arlington (pentagon city) - no
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    #24 buy?
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    How about any stores in the Seattle area? I was going to go look for an 80 this afternoon.

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